Washing Machines for Sale 

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Washing machines for sale

Type of Washing Machines

There are two basic types of washing machines:

Front loader

Laundry is loaded in the front of the washer. Front loaders use less water, making them energy-efficient. If you have limited room, a front loader lets you stack the washer and dryer.

Top loader

Top loaders let you load laundry from the top, saving your back from bending. It’s also not easy for children to get into.

The top loader has two models:

  • An agitator is a centre pole in the drum that causes the washing machine to shake more than usual, yet your clothes will come out clean and stain-free.
  • A high-efficiency (HE) washing machine has no agitator. Top loaders without agitators can handle larger loads without tangling garments.
Washing machine element
Busy while doing washing
Washing machine front loader

Understanding Washing Machine Specifications

The Energy Efficiency

Choosing from the washing machines for sale, remember to choose a machine that uses less water and power to save money over time. Always choose a 4- or 5-star energy-rated machine. 


The drum’s capacity is the machine’s dry washing weight. A 6kg drum is enough for an average home, but an 8kg or 10kg drum is useful. It allows you to wash more garments and duvets in one go. A machine with a larger drum uses less water and detergent to wash the same amount of garments.

Spinning Speed

The drum’s spin speed is measured in revolutions per minute. Dryer washing results from faster spin speeds. For optimal results, choose a 1,400rpm or 1,600rpm washing machine over a budget one at 1,100rpm.

All washing machines have adjustable feet, so make sure they’re level before installing. Wobbly machines generate a ruckus and may cause other vibration issues.

Wash Modes

Watch out for specific wash cycles on a washer. Woolmark-certified machines can wash woollens, and some feature silk settings. If you use delicate clothes often, hand-washing can save you time. Some machines offer anti-creasing and easy-iron modes to make ironing after a wash easier. Built-in Heaters

This feature controls water temperature. This will aid winter blanket, warm clothing, and other heavy load washing. Hot water also cleans clothes. Some machines include steam settings that remove stains and filth. 

Inverter Tech

Traditional motors are louder, vibrate more, and last less than inverter motors. The inverter motors consume less electricity than regular motors.  

More Features

  • By calculating the expected loads, amounts of water and soap, fuzzy logic determines the optimal wash cycle.
  • Fast wash—ideal for smaller loads or when time is of the essence
  • Rotational speed (RPM): A greater RPM causes it to spin more rapidly, which speeds up the process of cleaning.
  • Stainless steel tubs are the most long-lasting option since they can endure high speeds, followed by plastic tubs because they are less likely to chip or rust than enamel ones.
  • Re-soak means to soak clothing for an additional amount of time before washing them, so they come out cleaner.
  • The time and current wash status are shown more clearly on the LCD or LED screen, which is a great aid.
  • Time delay allows you to personalise the washing cycle even when you’re not at home.

So Many Washing Machines for Sale, Which to Choose?

When shopping for a washing machine in South Africa, it’s important to take your budget, way of life, and future requirements into account. 

Setting a reasonable budget is the first step in setting off on this adventure. A variety of washing machines are available in South Africa’s market, so shoppers with different budgets and different needs are spoilt for choice.

The decision-making process places a premium on customer care. Do your homework on companies who have a stellar reputation for satisfying customers. You can tell how happy current customers are by reading their reviews and testimonials. Reliable help in the event of machine troubles is guaranteed by a responsive customer care service.

When shopping for appliances, size is key. Before you buy a washing machine, measure the space you have in your laundry room. In terms of both form and function, it ought to blend in with your house with little effort on your part.

The capacity is also an important factor to think about. A washing machine with a capacity of five to seven kilograms could be enough for smaller households, while a machine with a capacity of eight kilograms or more would be ideal for larger families. 

If you want your investment to last, you must perform routine maintenance, which is often disregarded. To keep mould and germs at bay, look for a washing machine that can clean itself. Top-loading machines are usually easier to maintain than front-loading ones, especially when it comes to door gaskets and filters.

A warranty is a safety net in the event that something goes wrong. Find out what kinds of warranties various brands provide. Manufacturers who are confident in their products provide longer warranty periods. You should also find out whether there are any service facilities in your area so that you can get repairs and maintenance done quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to washing machines, the most energy-efficient choice is a front-loading model. It cuts down on water usage per load to a minimum. 

This 8-kilogram washer is perfect for a medium-sized family; it has enough room for 40 T-shirts or a queen-sized duvet. A 9-kilogram washing machine is ideal for a large household because it can accommodate 45 T-shirts or a medium-king duvet.

As a general rule, top-loaders are more durable than front-loaders. This washing machine is more efficient than others since it uses less water and spins at quicker speeds. For this reason, top-load washers have a potential lifespan of 14 years, but front-loaders may only manage 10.

Top-load agitator washers use around 45% more energy and 50% more water than front-load washers that have earned the ENERGY STAR label. 

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