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Cold winter evenings can find a way in no matter how well sealed your windows are, whether you’re living in a draughty converted farmhouse or an apartment in the city. 

Shop Scanner has streamlined the online shopping experience for South Africans. With our extensive product expertise, buyer safety features, and huge variety of products, brands and models, we aim to elevate your buying experience when searching for heaters for sale. 

There are a lot of factors beyond cost and design to think about when selecting a heater. 

Whether you’re looking for concentrated, rapid heat or enough to fill a room, make sure the heater you choose can handle your everyday demands.

Air heaters are a specific form of electric heater that uses air to heat the surrounding environment. The category includes forced air products, radiant heaters, and space heaters. 

The forced air products use a fan or blower to circulate the air, effectively controlling the air temperature. Forced air heaters function by taking in cold air and returning it at a higher temperature as hot air. 

An infrared heater is an electric heater that uses the imperceptible infrared light spectrum to directly warm things and individuals in the room, bypassing the need to heat the air in the vicinity. It is frequently employed as a supplementary source of heat for homes, particularly in situations where a typical space heater may not be feasible, such as in a garage or workshop. 

The device operates by generating infrared radiation, which is then absorbed by any solid entity obstructing its trajectory, such as furniture and individuals. This radiation undergoes conversion into thermal energy, which is then emitted into the adjacent surroundings. 

An oil heater is a space heater that uses oil as its primary fuel source. Typically, it consists of an electric heating element, an oil reservoir, and a fan for distributing the heated air. Oil heaters are commonly employed in residential and business settings to warm expansive spaces or offer supplementary heat during chilly conditions. Oil-filled space heaters are typically more efficient than electric space heaters due to the oil’s ability to maintain heat for extended durations. 

Understanding Heater Specifications

Knowing the technical parameters of space heaters, encompassing both convection and radiant variations, is essential for boosting heating effectiveness and ensuring safety. The choice of heating element is crucial. Convection heaters use either ceramic or oil-filled elements to evenly distribute warmth, while radiant heaters utilise infrared technology to provide targeted heating. Heat settings enable consumers to customise the temperature, guaranteeing optimal comfort. Evaluating the wattage is crucial, since it directly impacts the power and heating capability of the heater.

Big heaters for saleTake into account the decibel level to guarantee a noiseless operation, is particularly crucial in areas where noise is a matter of concern.

The dimensions and weight of an object affect its capacity to be easily transported and the efficient use of space. Convection heaters generally have small and space-saving designs, whereas radiant heaters tend to be lighter in weight, making them easier to move around.

Safety features are critical; to avoid mishaps, check for cool-touch exteriors, tip-over switches, and overheat prevention. 

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of these technical factors guarantees making an informed decision, where the heater’s specifications correspond to your heating requirements, delivering warmth in an effective and secure manner. Whether you value focused warmth, uniform heat distribution, or a combination of the two, a careful inspection of these technical specifications ensures a heater that fits in perfectly with your area.

Heaters for Sale: How to Chooses Which to Buy

Determine the amount of space you wish to heat. Heaters with more power or more than one unit may be necessary for larger rooms.

You should also think about the local weather before deciding on a purchase from our heaters for sale.

Calculate HVAC Requirements

Determine the amount of space you wish to heat. Heaters with more power or more than one unit may be necessary for larger rooms. You should also think about the local weather. 

Make an Informed Heater Selection 

While electric heaters are more convenient and less prone to accidents, they could be more expensive to run than gas ones. 

Consider radiant heaters, oil-filled heaters, or ceramic heaters if you need a portable warmer.

Powerful electric baseboard heaters, heat pumps, or gas furnaces are all viable choices for home heating needs. 

Verify Safety Measures

If you have kids or pets, it’s important to get a heater with safety features like a cool-touch exterior, overheat protection, and tip-over protection. Heaters that have been certified as safe by credible organisations are typically considered to be the safer choice. 

Interactive Screen and Functions

The heater’s settings can be more easily adjusted and set with the help of an easy-to-read digital display and straightforward buttons. 

Consider Costs

Find out how much money you can spend on the room heater. Take into account the starting price, running costs, and possible maintenance costs. 

Saving Energy

To save energy and control the temperature, look for heaters that include programmable settings, timers, or thermostats. Heaters that have earned the Energy Star label have shown to be very efficient in terms of both energy use and carbon footprint. 

Convenience and Location

Portable heaters with wheels or handles make it easy to transfer them from room to room, which is a major benefit. You need to make sure the heater can be placed securely and has enough airflow holes in its design. 

Peruse Testimonials and Suggestions

Learn about the efficiency, dependability, and security of various heater models by reading reviews and user experiences posted online. 

Verify Return Policy and Contact Information 

If you want to make sure your heater lasts, you should get one with a solid guarantee. Make sure you research the manufacturer’s track record of satisfying customers. 

Level of Noise

Find heaters with low noise levels by checking product specifications or reading customer reviews, if silent operation is required.

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Why Buy Heaters From Us?

Heaters for sale from Shop Scanner can provide you with unmatched warmth and comfort. Take advantage of the ease of searching through a wide variety of reasonably priced heating solutions that have been tailored to your requirements. 

Ensuring the security of your transactions is our top priority, and our technology is designed to do just that. Get the help you need from devoted customer service that is there for you every step of the way. 

Quick and dependable delivery makes it easy to turn any room into a relaxing retreat. 

During the cold winter months, you can rely on Shop Scanner for heating solutions because it is safe, economical, and focused on the client. Find the perfect heater for your space with ease and satisfaction when you shop at Shop Scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions

A device that uses an electric current to generate heat is known as an electric heater. The electrical resistor that serves as the heating element in electric heaters is based on the theory of Joule heating, which states that the conversion of electrical energy into heat occurs when an electric current flows through a resistor.

Room heaters typically use 1500 watts. You can simply calculate your watt-hours by multiplying the two variables, in this case, the number of hours that your 1500-watt heater is used. The product of 1500 watts and 6 hours is 9000 watt-hours, as an example.

A 1500W (1.5KW) electric heater will be sufficient to heat a 15 square meter (sqm) room that is three meters wide and five meters long. Keep in mind that this table works well in homes that have a typical ceiling height of approximately 2.4 meters and have carpets or insulation.

Commonly used heating elements include silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide, iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, and silicon carbide. Next on the list are refractory metals like graphite, which often oxidise at a faster pace.

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