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Dishwashers for sale

Types of Dishwashers

Your dishwasher choice depends on your needs and preferences. Most people use built-in dishwashers in regular and compact sizes. Countertops and portable dishwashers are useful for limited space or portability.

Built-in dishwashers are most popular at home. They fit beneath countertops and are usually near the kitchen sink for simple plumbing access. Standard and tiny built-in models exist. 

Standard built-in dishwashers are 86cm tall, 60cm wide, and 60 to 70cm deep. These machines can wash 12–16 place settings every wash, making them excellent for large families or those with many guests. 

Compact built-in dishwashers: However, small built-in dishwashers are sometimes described as 18 inches but might be about 44cm wide and about 60cm deep. They hold eight to ten place settings per wash and are 81to 86cm tall. They are ideal for compact kitchens or for people who wash few dishes. 

Ideal for small places, countertop dishwashers size 50–60 cm wide, 55–60 cm deep, and 63–71 cm high. These units efficiently employ a kitchen sink faucet-connected water intake hose, a drain hose dumping filthy water into the sink, and a nearby electrical outlet for electricity. They can clean six to eight place settings per wash for small houses or people with few dishes. 

The larger, storage-friendly portable dishwashers are 50 to 63 cm wide, 68 to 76 deep, and 86 to 97 height. Regardless of which you choose you are sure to find what you are looking for from our wide selection of dishwashers for sale.

Understanding Dishwasher Specifications

Capacity and Size

A dishwasher’s capacity is usually measured by the number of place settings per load. A dishwasher is standard in most homes. Due to space constraints, compact dishwashers are suitable for flats and smaller homes.

Tub Material

Dishwasher tubs are stainless steel or plastic. Stain- and odour-resistant stainless steel tubs dry faster and are more durable. However, they cost more. Plastic containers are durable but not stain-resistant. The tub’s outer appearance doesn’t imply plastic or stainless steel. Cleaning effectiveness is unaffected by the tub’s substance.

Water Use

Thanks to their 22litre water capacity, dishwashers are far more efficient than older ones. Fortunately, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program certifies dishwashers based on water and energy efficiency, helping you pick the most efficient dishwasher. Standards ENERGY STAR dishwashers use no more than 13,2 litre each load.

The Energy Efficiency

The “Energy Guide” label on a dishwasher estimates annual power usage and running cost. A dishwasher with an ENERGY STAR rating exceeds federal efficiency standards.

 Drying Performance

Economical dishwashers dry dishes with tub heat. Most times, this is enough. Some dishwashers use a heating element and fan to speed up dish drying.

Speed and Cycles

A standard dishwasher has regular, heavy, and light settings.

A dishwasher with programmable or built-in wash cycles for rapid wash, delicate, rinse and hold, etc. will cost more but save you money on power and water over time.

dishwashers for sale online

Location of Control Panel

Most dishwashers have front-door controls. However, some models have control panels on the top of the door, hidden when closed. This cosmetic choice has a sleek, modern style. Hidden control panels’ biggest drawback is that you can’t tell how long the cycle is.

Noise Level

Dishwasher noise levels are measured in decibels. Virtually silent dishwashers are 45 dB or lower. Sound levels between 45 and 50 decibels are like steady rain. The audible range of a typical conversation is 50 dB or higher. Lower decibel ratings mean more expensive dishwashers.


Food is not redeposited on clean plates since the filter removes it from wash water. 

Self-cleaning filters crush particles and flush it down the drain.

Manual filters must be removed and cleaned frequently to avoid debris.

Extra Features

Dishwashers differ by their extra features. More features mean higher prices for appliances. Common dishwasher extras are listed below.

How to Choose which Dishwashers for Sale are Best to Buy?

You can personalise your dishwasher to fit your dishes with adjustable racks.Third racks are narrower and sit above the top rack. They may feature wash arms.

Soil sensors automatically alter cycle time and water use to save water. Rinsing soiled dishes in the rinse/hold cycle reduces odours and prevents food from settling until loaded.

Parts of the dishwasher called “wash zones” are reserved for particularly grimy loads that require a more aggressive cleaning cycle.

Smart-home technology and Wi-Fi let you schedule washing from your computer or phone.

Dishwashers for sale

There are a number of things to think about while shopping for a dishwasher so that you can make an informed decision. First things first: measure your kitchen to be sure the dishwasher you want will fit in there without a hitch. Crucial to this procedure are the metric dimensions of breadth, depth, and height. Think about how many place settings you use each load to get a feel for your household’s demands. 

You can save money on your utility costs and help the environment by using energy efficiency ratings to influence your purchasing decisions. 

Consider your space and lifestyle needs before settling on a dishwasher by researching your options (countertop, portable, etc.). Get to know the dishwasher’s wash cycles and features, such as its sanitising choices and changeable racks, so it can meet your specific cleaning needs. Maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen by paying close attention to noise levels. 

Lastly, make sure your needs and budget from a dishwasher for sale are met by reading customer reviews and comparing costs across trustworthy platforms, such as Shop Scanner, to obtain the greatest deal on a dishwasher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You usually spend more for a dishwasher with more features and capabilities. LED control panels, specialist cleaning jets, and steam are examples. How much you get from a more expensive dishwasher depends on your needs.

One load costs R3,20. The price may vary. Countertop and smaller dishwashers consume less electricity than larger ones.

If yours is older than 10 years, think about upgrading, especially if it’s a cheaper one. Many older models are inefficient. Upgrades to dishwashers can dramatically save water and electric expenditures over time.

Modern dishwashers have unusual drying features, and some need hot dishes to finish. Right after washing, plates are too hot. It is prudent to wait for the wash to finish, perhaps half an hour, before unloading it.

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