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Best Range of Grills and Roasters for Sale Online

It is anticipated that the market for grills and roasters will reach 151.6 million units by 2028. With our love of a good braai on a sunny day, South Africans will not be reluctant to build on these stats.

Finding the right grills and roasters for sale might be a challenge. It is easy to become confused if you are not familiar with smokers and side burners. It can be intimidating to go into the grill market without first determining your needs, as grills can be rather expensive. At Shop Scanner we strive to serve you with the best product at the best price.

Those who love to cook quickly and efficiently will love our gas grills. They are convenient, easy to use, and portable, and they heat quickly using either liquid propane or natural gas. Gas grills are great for large-scale cooking since they produce very little smoke and are suitable for a wide range of foods, including grilled chicken, fish, veggies, and fruits.

Our Charcoal Grills will set your outdoor cooking on fire, bringing out the rich, smokey flavor. They may take a little longer to heat up, but the payoff is superior taste and higher cooking temperatures—ideal for chicken, pig, and beef. Their enduring allure stems from the fact that they provide an authentic BBQ experience, with the temperature being controlled by arranging charcoal.

Enjoy the many uses for our Kamado Grills, which are a product of traditional Japanese workmanship and have an egg-shaped design. By retaining heat more effectively, these ceramic marvels allow for more even cooking and less fuel consumption overall. One machine that grills, smokes, and roasts, with ventilation for controlled heat, is all you need.

Our Outdoor Smokers are the show-stoppers for those who appreciate slow-cooked perfection. The range of cooking techniques they provide is extensive, including real smoking, baking, braising, roasting, and grilling. If you want your smoked and grilled foods to be absolutely mouth-watering, there are models that use digital controls for exact cooking and others that go for the real deal with human supervision.

When you shop with at Shop Scanner, you get more than just things; you get a culinary revolution delivered right to your door. Our outstanding collection will take your outdoor cooking to the next level, where innovation meets smoky perfection. 

Grillers for sale

Understanding Grill and Roaster Specifications

It is critical to pay close attention to details when choosing a roaster or grill to make sure it fits your production needs. 

Find out how many grills you’ll need by calculating your current production level. Grills with cooking surfaces ranging from 48 cm to 189 cm in width and one to five burners are adequate for low production needs. A grill with between six and 10 burners and a cooking surface width of 142 cm to 205 cm is required for high production situations, whereas a grill with two to eight burners and a cooking surface width of 137 cm to 193 cm is suitable for medium production demands.

Think about the Gas Grill Thermal Units, which measure the heat production. For low output, the ideal range of British Thermal Units (BTUs) is 45,000 to 180,000, for medium production, it’s 49,000 to 180,000, and for high production, it’s 99,000 to 160,000.

Find out all about the grilling essentials, including the basting brush, grill thermometer, cleaning tools, marinade injector, grill cover, side burners, dome lids, and side shelves. Improving safety, infusing taste, regulating temperature, cleaning efficiency, and general adaptability are all made easier with these tools. Every accessory, from grill covers to side shelves, helps to make grilling easier, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

How to Choose the Best Grills and Roasters to Buy

Before you set out on the hunt to discover the ideal grills and roasters for sale, there are a number of important aspects to consider. The best way to learn about the quality and longevity of various models is to do some research and read reviews written by experts in the field or testimonials left by actual customers. You can make a well-informed choice with the help of these evaluations, which offer insightful, first-hand accounts.

Important factors to think about include spending limits, so set a price range that fits along with your financial goals. Pay attention to the value in the long run, even when it’s tempting to ignore the costs in the short term. Strike a balance between cost and quality so that your investment has the qualities and longevity you’re after.

When it comes to protecting your purchase, the manufacturer’s guarantee is quite crucial. Manufacturers are confident in their products when they offer broad guarantees. Give preference to choices that provide long-term protection for essential parts, as this will ease your mind and shield you from problems down the road.

Sort the features according to your importance. Choose your option according to your cooking tastes, whether it’s a certain cooking technology, size, or extra accessories. Think about the fuel type, heat control, and any additional features that might make cooking more enjoyable.

Read more about the brand’s track record and customer service. You can anticipate a grill or roaster that lives up to your expectations if you buy from a reputable manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality goods. On top of that, if you have any questions or concerns after buying, can you count on prompt and friendly customer service to help you out?

Grills and Roasters for Sale: Why Buy From Us?

Shop online with confidence and experience culinary perfection! Rest assured, we guarantee secure transactions to put your mind at ease. Quick shipping means your new kitchen buddy will be at your door in no time. As you embark on your culinary adventure, Shop Scanner’s committed customer service is always there to provide a hand and make sure you’re satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s British Thermal Unit, or BTU for short. Actually, it just informs you how much fuel it will need in a specific time frame, which may sound technical. Thus, it follows that a higher BTU barbecue will consume more fuel than a lower BTU grill.

Charcoal is a great alternative if you’re watching your spending or are interested in learning how to control a fire. Gas grills are easier to use for first-timers than charcoal or wood ones since they function similarly to a kitchen stovetop: you can light the grill in an instant and adjust the flame level to your liking.

Yes, invest in a high-end grill if you want the finest in craftsmanship, longevity, and technological advancement.

Charcoal, which comes in larger chunks and is ideal for slow-cooks, is more expensive (search for “restaurant grade”). Cheaper lumpwood, on the other hand, is generally smaller and burns too rapidly for anything other than burgers.

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