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The gas vs. induction argument is still very much alive and well. It all boils down to personal preference, kitchen layout, and cooking technique when shopping for new hobs for sale. Looking to take your online shopping experience to the next level? Here at Shop Scanner, you can browse all the alternative hobs for sale at your leisure.

Types of Hobs Available

After you’ve settled on either gas or electricity, there are other factors to think about before purchasing one of the hobs for sale:

  • Technically, all hob burners that use electric, induction, or gas and are mounted on glass are considered ceramic. Ceramic refers to a hob’s smooth glass coating, not its operation.
  • Standard gas stoves are rather plain, often measuring 60 cm in width and including four burners. They have big dials and auto-ignition. 
  • Typical gas-on-glass hobs are installed under ceramic glass. It looks modern and is easier to clean.
  • Five-ring hobs offer extra area and cooking options. The fifth zone is usually a powerful wok burner that heats quickly and intensely for crunchy stir-fries.
  • Hob induction: The copper coil magnet in induction hobs generates electromagnetic energy. The energy flows through the glass to the iron-based pan, causing a current that emits heat.
Hobs for sale

Understanding Hobs for Sale Specifications and How to Choose Which to Buy

In most cases, a hob will have four burners and a width of 60 cm. But there are other stoves with adjustable cooking zones and widths of 70, 80, or 90 cm.

Decide with caution. Always measure your work surface area in relation to the net measurements of the hobs you’re considering before purchasing one of the larger sizes.

Be mindful of the space. Your stove has a recess in the countertop that it slides into, creating a cutout underneath. Since the surface of the hob covers the space, the cut-out is really less than the dimensions of the hob. Never assume that a 60 cm broad hob will fit into a larger hob; measure carefully.

Determine with precision how many burners you will actually require. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you ought to get more burners. Large hobs reduce the amount of counter space available for other uses.

Although 4-burner hobs organised in a square are widespread, they are also extremely cramped, making it impossible to use all four burners simultaneously. You should expect to discover the best bargains on these models. You should look for a model with adequate spacing between the burners if you intend to use all four at once. A model with the burners arranged along an arc is one example.

Ultra-rapid burners: This type of burner is also called a “wok burner,” a “booster” for induction, or a “triple crown burner” for gas. A burner that heats food very quickly is built into most stoves. They quickly produce intense, high-powered heat and are made for cooking stir-fry in a wok, big pans, or to get water boiling quickly.

A burner’s efficiency, heating capacity, and lifespan are all determined by the material used to make it. Two materials can be used to make burners:

  • Brass: Less time is needed to cook food when using these burners since heat is delivered more efficiently. They last for a long time and are sturdy, but end up costing more as a result.
  • Aluminium: The cooking time is slightly longer due to the inefficiency of these burners. But the efficiency decreases, the aluminium slightly bends, and cooking times increase with time.
  • Brass burners are more expensive than aluminium.

You can find minute minders and hob timers on nearly every type of stovetop. They allow you to monitor your cooking progress and stay in control of the kitchen. When the allotted time has passed, some timers will turn off the hob or sound an alarm. You might be able to set the timer for each cooking zone separately on certain higher-end stoves.

Automatic Ignition
Automatic ignition, which is exclusive to gas stoves, causes the burner to light up in response to the user pushing in or turning the controls. In order to get an older model to light, you may need to push and hold a separate ignition button.

Flexible Cooking Zones
A unique cooking zone on some induction and ceramic hobs lets you combine two smaller zones into one bigger one. Pans of different sizes and shapes can be accommodated in this way. 

Protective Lock for Children
To stop kids from turning on the stove or changing the settings, you can lock these touch controls. The majority of induction and ceramic stovetops have them.

Controls that are Activated by Touch

Adding electronic touch controls to electric and induction stoves is a terrific idea since they make it easy and accurate to pick the heat level and adjust it as needed. While simple to operate, they could become clumsy when wet.

Customer Support Following the Purchase
Before purchasing a product, it is wise to learn as much as can about the brand’s after-sale support. Service levels might vary greatly from one city to another, and even from one neighbourhood within a city, so it’s important to research what’s available in your area. Choose a brand with solid after-sale support. Read reviews posted online, call around to brick-and-mortar establishments, and poll the folks in your neighbourhood for their thoughts.

While stoves typically have a long lifespan, it’s still wise to compare warranties before making a final decision.  The burners and the body will each have their own warranty. Extensive five to 10-year warranties will be standard on higher-end models. Additionally, the guarantee on brass burners will be longer than that on aluminium ones.

Why Buy Your Hob From Us?

The best stoves can be found at Shop Scanner and may ignite culinary genius. We have a wide variety of options to meet your every need, from gas for precise control of heat to electric for efficiency to induction for quick heating and modern styles that will transform the way you look at cooking. Delve into premium labels, unique sales, and streamlined features. Get the best of both worlds – quick delivery, helpful customer service, and assured quality – when you shop online. At Shop Scanner, we combine cost with perfection, so you can upgrade your kitchen with innovative performance and choose from hobs for sale that suit your culinary ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Induction cooktops directly heat cookware and food, making them more efficient. Induction cooktops boil water 20-40% faster than gas and electric cooktops.

Home Connect-enabled stoves include an intelligent temperature regulating feature that maintains a steady temperature according to your recipe. This avoids scorching and overcooking.

While ceramic hobs heat up faster than solid plates, induction hobs win this one. Induction hobs heat and cool quickly, letting you switch easily from boiling to simmering.

Induction’s usefulness and sustainability have won over more professional chefs in recent years, both at restaurants and at home.

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