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Examine our well chosen assortment and add innovative solutions to your cleaning regimen. At Shop Scanner we are changing the way people purchase, making sure you get the ideal vacuum cleaner for your particular requirements. Welcome to a world of extraordinary adventure where quality and convenience collide in your cleaning trip.

Typical Vacuum Cleaner Types

  • Upright vacuums: Adaptable and suitable for a range of surfaces. They work best in rooms with a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting that are all on one level, and they are perfect for people who have back issues. 
  • Canister: Suitable for all kinds of floors, especially those with narrow spaces, stairs, and under furniture. 
  • Cordless or corded stick: Ideal for compact spaces with tiled or hard flooring. 
  • Handheld: Removes spills and cleans areas that are difficult to access. 
  • Robotic: Works on a single level on all solid floor types.
  • Wet and dry: Removes liquid and removes tough stains. Their adaptability enables them to operate in a variety of settings, including garages and commercial areas. 
vacuum cleaners for sale online

Understanding Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Motor Power: Suction strength is based on motor power, which is expressed in watts. Better performance is correlated with higher wattage. The two main criteria for assessing the effectiveness of vacuum power are water lift and airflow. The measurement of fluid lift can be quantified in millimetres of water, bar, or kilopascals (kPa). It is the conventional method by which removing heavy objects and liquids using a vacuum’s ability to generate strong suction is measured. The airflow can be quantified in terms of cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or liters per second (l/s).

Cleaning Range: This refers to the length of the cable, the reach of the hose, and the attachments. For larger places, choose a vacuum cleaner with a longer cord and flexible hose. Think about using attachments designed specifically for specific tasks like effective hair removal at a hair salon. 

Capacity: Capacity, expressed in liters, represents the ability to contain dirt. Greater capacity are ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning. A vacuum with a bigger capacity and an easy-to-empty design is perfect for doctor’s reception area.

Run Time: How long a cordless model lasts between charges is important. A longer runtime vacuum cleaner is preferable for continual use, especially where rapid spot cleaning may be required.

Smart Technology: The user experience is improved with smart technology, such as sensors and app connectivity. Smart technology can adjust settings for different materials in an area, as they may require different suction. It helps a monitor the status of the filter for effective use.

Noise Levels: Take into account the noise level, particularly in areas that are shared or noisy. Choose models with lower decibel levels (between 60 and 70) if you work in an art studio where a calm environment is important. Power and noise levels must be balanced.

Consumer Rating: It’s important since it sheds light on how dependable and effective a vacuum cleaner is. In an art studio, specs that get high marks for being durable, quiet and easy to use should be given the most attention. For a hairstylist, pay attention to reviews that highlight long-term durability and hair removal capabilities.

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Vacuum cleaners for sale

How to Choose Which Vacuum Cleaners to Buy

Start your Shop Scanner adventure in South Africa by deciding on the sort of flooring you need to clean. Use upright or canister vacuums for their deep cleaning capabilities when it comes to carpets. If most of your surfaces are hard, consider stick or robotic vacuums for easier cleaning jobs.

Browse a wide selection of vacuum cleaners for sale at Shop Scanner, a well-known South African online retailer that guarantees the best possible buying experience.

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Measure the vacuum cleaner’s size next. While smaller options like stick, portable, and robotic vacuums offer adaptability, larger ones like canister and upright vacuums are better suited for larger houses.

Keep the vacuum cleaner weight in mind, particularly if stairs are involved. Use our weight-based rating filter to identify the ideal ratio of strength to flexibility. Remember that bigger models are usually better performers.

Prioritise pet-friendly models if you own pets. Often at the top of the list for removing pet hair are uprights and canisters, which are renowned for their cleaning abilities. Discover which vacuum cleaners are ideal for dealing with pet hair by looking through our customer ratings.

Loudness levels are important. While sound is produced by all vacuums, some produce very little noise. See which canister vacuums are the quietest to make cleaning less disruptive. 

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Vacuum Cleaners for Sale
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The most important thing is reliability. Examine user reviews to determine which brands and models are dependable. Take into account other people’s experiences to help you make an educated choice.

Think about maneuverability. Examine the push, pull, turn, and lift functions, particularly if more than one user or prolonged cleaning sessions are planned. Investigate the features and controls for a flawless cleaning experience. 

Finally, think about filtration. Keeping dirt, especially small particles, in the vacuum cleaner is a vital but frequently forgotten aspect of cleaning. If a vacuum cleaner has low filtration, these small particles can pass through and settle as dust in the room air. Most quality vacuum cleaners filter air well. If anyone in your home has allergies, asthma, or another health condition affected by tiny particles or allergens in the indoor air, a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner is advised.

HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters must remove 99.97% of as small as 0.3-micron particles from air. This is the “best” household filtering method. 

HEPA is mainly used in America. SEBO, like other European manufacturers, calls this filter an S-Class filter. S-Class filters must remove 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles from air, like HEPA filters.

Why Buy Vacuum Cleaners for Sale From Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a rule, a vacuum cleaner with 100AW of suction power is considered standard. While a vacuum cleaner with a suction power below 100AW can only pick up dust and particulate matter, a high suction vacuum cleaner with 100AW may absorb more things.

Buy a bagged vacuum cleaner if you suffer from allergies. Although a bagless vacuum cleaner effectively captures most dust and grime, some will inevitably be released back into the air as the cleaning process continues. The bagless vacuum cleaner could be a better choice if your household has numerous pets.

Water lift and airflow are the two primary metrics for evaluating vacuum power efficiency. Fluid lift can be expressed in millimeters of water, bar or kPa. It is the standard for vacuuming heavy items and liquids since it represents the suction force. The airflow can be expressed as m3/h or l/s.

The power of a 500- to 3,000-watt vacuum cleaner is more than adequate for everyday use. 

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