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Air Purifiers and Humidifiers for Sale Online

Both purifiers and humidifiers are beneficial for raising the quality of the air in your house. However, it is crucial to recognise that they are not interchangeable and possess entirely distinct functions and attributes. Shop Scanner stocks both to provide South Africans with a one-stop enhanced online shopping experience.

Clean, wholesome air comes from an air purifier that removes gaseous and particle impurities. Typical air purification equipment includes fans, motors, and filters. The engine and fan circulate air, while the filter removes pollutants.  

Humidifiers add moisture. This can be done with evaporative humidifiers with a fan and wick, distilling water into steam, or vibrating water droplets with ultrasonic technology. An ultrasonic humidifier with tap water might discharge tiny mineral particles into the air. 

Air purifiers and Humidifiers for sale
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Types of humidifiers

  • Central humidifiers have an HVAC system that controls building humidity.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers create ultrasonic vibrations to make a cool mist.
  • Impeller humidifiers employ revolving disks to produce and disperse cool mist.
  • Evaporators add moisture to air by blowing it through a moistened absorbent material with a fan.
  • Electric steam vaporisers produce a warm mist of steam that cools before being released. This humidifier is not safe for babies or children since the heated water can burn them. 

Types of Air Purifiers

  • Industrial air purifiers find utility in processing and manufacturing settings.
  • Offices, stores, and public areas often install commercial air purifiers to improve the air quality.
  • Residential air purifiers are used in the house. 

Understanding Air Purifiers and Humidifier Specifications

Air Purifiers

Activated Carbon Adsorption: The surface area of activated carbon air purifiers is increased by using a type of carbon that has been treated to have small pores. Activated carbon air purifiers remove odours and gases by molecular adsorption. Transforming pollutants from a gas into a solid state is what this procedure is all about.

Super Clean HEPA Filter: Air purifier with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) membrane filter.

Immobilised Cells Method: By luring charged particles to a bio-reactive mass, or bioreactor, immobilised cells in air purifiers render them inert, removing microfine particulate matter from the air.

Ionisers: To create electrically charged ions in the air or gas, ionizer air purifiers use charged electrical surfaces. Particles in the air are electrostatically drawn to a collector plate once these ions bind to them.

Ozone Generators: It is only safe to use ozone generator air purifiers in rooms that are not occupied, as they emit enormous amounts of strong oxidant gas. Normally employed by restoration contractors in areas where adequate ventilation is available before to application.

Photocatalytic Oxidation: In order to kill germs and viruses, air purifiers that use photocatalytic oxidation use short-wave ultraviolet radiation (UVC) to energise a catalyst, like titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Sterilisation by Thermodynamics (TSS): By circulating air through a ceramic core that contains micro capillaries, TSS air purifiers are able to thermally sterilise the air. Dust mite allergies, mould spores, viruses, bacteria, and viruses are all incinerated when the air is heated to 200° C (392° F).

Oxygen-Free Titanium Dioxide: Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate are used in titanium dioxide (TiO2) air purifiers to neutralise acidic gasses that are adsorbed. It breaks down airborne pollutants when incorporated with somewhat porous paint.

Anti-Microbial Exposure to Ultraviolet Light (UVGI): A disinfection procedure known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVG) employs ultraviolet light to kill germs. It is usual practice to disinfect medical equipment using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 

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The Difference Between Warm and Cool Mist

Whether you like a warm mist or a cool mist will influence your choice of humidifier design. A common reason for the widespread use of warm mist steam humidifiers is the assurance that, prior to water entering the air, any mould spores or germs will have been killed by the superheating process.

Cool mist units have recently grown in popularity, mainly because they do not cause burns, making them a safer option for households with kids and pets.

The Capacity and Size of a Humidifier

If you want to know how big a humidifier is, you can look at a few different metrics, such as the capacity of the water tank, the amount of water it can efficiently humidify in a day, or the area of the room.

Accuracy in Control

Humidifiers come in a wide variety of styles and features. Some are simple, with only two or three fan speeds; others have a digital hygrometer that shows the current humidity level and a humidistat that allows you to program the unit to cycle on and off to maintain a specific level. These automated measurement features are useful and worth the additional money.

Process execution

The size of the water reservoir determines how long a humidifier runs between fills. You can find portable room units with water tanks ranging from one litre to 19 litres or even bigger. In contrast to the 1-litre model, which needs to be refilled every eight hours or so, the 7 litre model typically runs for twelve or more hours on low.

Turning the machine up to its highest setting or using it in extremely dry air will drastically reduce the runtime. The amount of time a unit can operate on a single charge is typically indicated on the packaging or in the product description.

Effortless Care and Upkeep

It could be a bit of a pain to remove and replenish certain water tanks, while others just lift off. You should think about whether you could handle the weight of a full tank. Carefully examine the device to determine how simple it is to remove the water tank from the base.

Take note whether any filter adjustments are needed for the model as well. If that’s the case, do some research into the accessibility and usability of such filters. 

Noise level

The unit should offer high and low noise settings. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the quietest because they discharge moisture in a fine mist without boiling water.

Health and Safety Features

Must-have safety features include automatic shutoff when the water reservoir is depleted in many models. If the packaging is unclear, ask the retail establishment. 

A humidifier with a built-in hygrometer shuts off automatically when the target air humidity is attained, preventing mould growth. Cool mist humidifiers with UV light or tank coatings eliminate waterborne microorganisms.

Now that you understand the difference, browse our air purifiers or humidifiers for sale and choose the right fit for you.

Air purifiers for sale

Which Air Purifiers and Humidifiers for Sale Should You Choose?

Several factors must be considered before purchasing air purifiers or humidifiers for sale. Read reviews left by actual customers to get a feel for the product’s dependability and performance in the real world. 

Evaluate the unit’s pricing to make sure it fits your budget while still offering all the features you need. Pay close attention to the warranty terms because they show how confident the manufacturer is in their goods. 

Evaluate the air purifiers and humidifiers for sale device’s features according to your unique requirements, taking into account things like room coverage, energy efficiency, and filtration technology. 

Think about how much it will cost to maintain the system and how easy it is to replace the filters. A thorough assessment of these factors guarantees a balanced purchase, improving your indoor air quality easily and effectively.

Why Buy From Us?

You can shop with complete peace of mind when looking for air purifiers and humidifiers for sale, knowing that your personal information is safe when you use our secure online shopping platform. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your inquiries will be swiftly addressed by our responsive customer care. Our modern air purifiers and humidifiers will be delivered to your doorstep quickly and reliably. Peruse an extensive selection of high-quality items without leaving your house thanks to the ease of online shopping. With Shop Scanner, you can effortlessly enrich your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air purifiers and humidifiers have various purposes, so you can use them together to add moisture and reduce particulates.

Both technologies can benefit your environment, depending on your demands. Air purifiers are effective for removing pollutants and allergies. A humidifier is best for adding humidity.

Air Purifiers do not remove moisture. Filter material captures particles and chemical gasses from air. Air purifier filters cannot catch much moisture.

Essential oils can damage a regular humidifier. Humidifiers blow water through wicking filters to create a cool mist. Essential oils are strong and can erode a humidifier’s plastic tank.

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