Fans for sale online

Fans for Sale Online

You can find a large selection of fans for sale at Shop Scanner, a lauded online South African store where we provide the ultimate shopping experience.

Nowadays, you can find a vast array of electric fans on the market, each with its own unique style and set of features. 

For rooms with high ceilings, a ceiling fan with horizontally rotatable blades installed on the ceiling is the way to go. 

Table fans are small, vertically rotating fans that are typically used for placing atop tables, desks, or shelves.  

Pedestal fans are ideal for medium-sized rooms with lower ceilings since they can be adjusted in height and can tilt or oscillate. 

Square or rectangular box fans are ideal for spaces with plenty of windows because they direct airflow horizontally.

Blades that spin vertically on a wall fan take up no room on the floor or ceiling.

Outdoors or in hot, dry conditions, misting fans, which spray a thin mist of water, can reduce temperature and improve humidity.

When used outdoors or in hot, dry climates, misting fans can help lower temperatures and raise humidity by spraying a thin mist of water.

Tower fans are perfect for contemporary or tight areas since their cylindrical housings conceal several blades.  

Understanding Fan Specifications

For the best performance and comfort, it’s important to understand these technical criteria about each of the fans for sale so you can choose a fan that fits the room’s size, energy efficiency needs, and intended use.

The physical dimensions and coverage area are determined by the fan size, which is measured in diameter. Airflow is directly proportional to fan size, therefore bigger fans are better for more expansive rooms. 

One way to define capacity is as the volume of airflow, expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). More air can be circulated with a bigger capacity. 

A device’s power supply dictates the type of electrical current (AC or DC) that must be used for its operation. The power rating, expressed in watts, indicates the amount of energy that the fan consumes. It is more energy efficient to have lower power consumption.

When a fan oscillates, it moves from side to side, expanding its air distribution area. The adjustable height settings can be adjusted to suit a variety of room layouts.

How quiet and efficient it is is dependent on the number of blades. Having more blades usually makes it run quieter, while having fewer blades might make the airflow more efficient.

The fan’s airflow intensity is controlled by the speed settings, which govern the spinning speed of the blades.

Fans for Sale: How to Choose Which to Buy

Before you buy a fan, measure the area you wish to cool. Fans with larger blades and higher capacities (measured in CFM) are more suited to circulating air in larger rooms.

Evaluate the materials used and the build quality to determine how long it will last. A longer lifespan is expected from a fan constructed from sturdy materials. Try to find models that have a solid build and have received good feedback about how long they last.

Think about how many blades there are and how many speed options it has. The number of blades affects the efficiency of the airflow and the noise levels, while more speed options provide versatility. Think about what you want in terms of cooling efficiency and how quiet the machine needs to be to operate.

Fans equipped with oscillation capabilities disperse air over a room in a more uniform manner. The fan may be adjusted to fit various room layouts thanks to its directional control, which lets you alter the airflow.

If you want to know what other people’s experiences have been like with the fan, read their reviews. Reading evaluations that go into detail about things like performance, longevity, and usability is where your focus should be.

Look at the features given by various models and brands and compare their pricing. Pick a fan that will last a long time and operate well to get your money’s worth.

Regarding the manufacturer’s warranty and after-sale service, be sure to read the fine print. In many cases, a lengthier warranty indicates that the manufacturer has faith in the product. Think about the accessibility of customer assistance and after-sale services as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Given its ability to efficiently circulate air and create a draft throughout a space, ceiling fans are thought to be the most effective. The ceiling fan should be turned counterclockwise during the summer.

When a ceiling fan pushes air over your body, it produces a wind chill impression even though it doesn’t actually lower the temperature in the space. 

Because of their greater surface area, larger fans with larger blades may be able to move more air. This can be helpful in situations where a lot of airflow is needed, like when cooling big areas or removing heat from machinery.

According to experts, a 50cm box fan uses between 50 and 75 watts of power per hour, whereas the majority of box fans use between 50 and 100 watts. which is almost 50% more than an average ceiling fan but uses a lot less energy than an AC, which can consume 500–5,000 watts.

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