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The freezer section of an ordinary fridge isn’t always enough for people who shop in bulk or who prepare a lot of food at once. If you’re short on storage space and want to streamline your frozen food organisation, a dedicated freezer is the way to go. Choose from the freezers for sale a freezer that fits in your current kitchen or that fits easily into a basement or garage with the wide range of sizes offered by Shop Scanner.

Types of Freezers for Sale

Freezers come in upright, chest, and refrigerator-freezer configurations. Both the upright and the refrigerator-freezer can be ordered with or without a defroster. Although less convenient, manual-defrost freezers are cheaper. Because they don’t have a fan to remove moisture, which could turn to frost, they also keep food at a higher quality than frostless models. Improperly wrapped food may get freezer burn from frequent moisture removal. There are no frost-free chest freezers, although frost forms less easily.

Upright freezers look like home refrigerators. They store food on three to seven shelves with one or two exterior doors. This type of freezer is popular due to its convenience, small footprint, and easy food loading and removal. However, opening the door releases extra frigid air.

Chest freezers take up more space than uprights but are cheaper to buy and operate. These freezers lose less cold air when opened. Make sure this freezer has sliding or lift-out baskets for food loading and removal.

Refrigerator-freezer combos have one or two doors. Frozen and refrigerated items are separated. Freezing chambers might be above, below, or to one side of the fridge. If choosing this type, make sure the freezer is a genuine freezer (-18 °C or less).

Freezers for sale

Understanding Freezer Specifications 


You can tell a freezer is big by looking at its cubic meter capacity. When comparing models from different manufacturers, be sure to examine the real capacity, even though they may be described with phrases like extra-large capacity. As there is no universally accepted measurement system, the “extra large” from one brand might not correspond to the “medium large” from another. The amount of food you intend to store is the only factor that matters.

Energy- Efficient Rating

The EER, or Energy Guide label, provides two crucial pieces of information: the expected annual running cost, which is based on the national average cost of electricity, and the predicted energy consumption, which is displayed on a scale that shows a range for similar models.


Freezing food to a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit (or -18 Celsius) is the gold standard. To freeze food quickly, the suggested temperature is -10° Fahrenheit (-23° Celsius). Although many foods can be frozen at approximately 32° Fahrenheit, it is still necessary to store them at 0° Fahrenheit in order to delay spoilage. To avoid increasing energy use, maintain a steady temperature in the freezer.

Defrost Functions

Frost buildup is highly common in dedicated freezers. It may seem like this will keep your food colder for longer, but when frost forms on the freezer’s walls or cooling coils, the freezer’s effectiveness drops and it may even stop working altogether. Defrosting your freezer on occasion will keep this from happening. While some freezers defrost automatically, the majority require human intervention.

Locks for Doors

There is a built-in door lock on many freestanding freezers. Your freezer door will remain firmly closed if you use this method. For people whose freezers are kept in the garage, it serves as an excellent deterrent against theft.

Thermostat and Door Alert

Neglecting to close the door of an upright freezer can have severe consequences. To help avoid that, a lot of models come with an audio warning that goes off when the door doesn’t close all the way or when the temperature becomes too high.

Defrost Drain

This is the outlet via which the freezer’s water drains as the ice melts. Having a defrost drain eliminates the need to use a bucket and sponge to collect water while defrosting the freezer.

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Freezer ice
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So Many Freezers for Sale, How To Choose Which to Buy

Think about how often you’ll be using the freezer before making a final decision. The expected consumption is affected by variables including the amount of people using it, how often they shop, and what they consume. If your family loves to eat frozen meals and meats, you must make sure that the freezer you choose can handle their demands. Avoid buying shortfalls by adjusting the freezer’s dimensions and model to match peak demand, particularly after supermarket excursions or during holidays.

When shopping for a freezer, it’s important to keep expenses in check. Make a spending plan that takes into account both immediate and future costs. The upfront cost of energy-efficient versions may be higher, but the money saved on operational costs more than makes up for it. Be aware that, in comparison to chest freezers, upright freezers are more expensive and use more energy, but they are more convenient.

Decisions about management are crucial, particularly when deciding between chest and upright freezers. Extra space and ease of access are benefits of upright freezers with separators between shelves. Chest freezers, on the other hand, have hanging baskets, however retrieving stored items could be a bit of a pain. Upright freezers are great for people who value efficiency in their kitchen storage because of how easy they are to operate and how well they organise.

Taking performance into account when there is load shedding is a wise choice. If you want to keep food from going bad during power outages, you need to know how well a freezer handles blackouts. Despite the hassles of load shedding, chest freezers are a dependable purchase due to their exceptional blackout performance. With these important considerations in mind, you can choose from the freezers for sale with confidence that will fit your needs, fit within your budget, suit your organisation, and can withstand power outages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to their better insulation and lack of cold air loss when opened, chest freezers are more efficient than upright models. 

The reciprocating compressor is most common. Reciprocating compressors are cheaper but noisy. An efficient, silent rotary compressor is better than a reciprocating compressor.

Let it stand upright for 24 hours if it was on its side or back. Freezers cool in four hours.

Windows and direct sunshine make the freezer work harder to maintain the appropriate temperature. Place the freezer near an outlet to avoid using an extension cord for safety.

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