Fridges For Sale Online in South Africa

Reliability of a refrigerator is paramount in South Africa’s warm environment. It maintains the freshness of our vegetables, the coldness of our beverages, and the safety of our food for days. Shop Scanner will significantly enhance your experience while choosing a fridge that’s best for you.

Type of Refrigerators

Different refrigerators have different door configurations, and each one has its own set of benefits.

Tall, single-door fridges (sometimes called larder fridges or single door fridges) are ideal for larger houses or batch cooking since they offer adequate storage with less interior room. These models do not have fridge and freezer compartments, but you may buy one-door fridges or freezers individually or combine two or three to meet your demands.

Bottom Mount freezers are the most typical fridge freezers that are bought in South Africa. They have the biggest storage space in fridge freezers, are cheaper, and have a top or bottom fridge compartment for fresh foods. Before buying, verify the height of classic refrigerators freezers based on your space and storage needs.

Two long, narrow doors divide the central fridge freezer into a fridge and freezer. American-style fridge freezers (also known as side-by-side or double door fridge freezers) have vertical shelves to help you organise and find frozen items for households that use them more.

French door or multi-door refrigerators freezers have larger capacities and advanced functions, thus we recommend them for larger households. They have two narrow doors on top, a freezer below, and a drawer or more between. Their small swing doors conserve room and energy by opening half the fridge as needed. Try several French door models, such as 3-door, 4-door with a mid-drawer, 4-door with two-door setups at the top and bottom, and more, to find one that suits you.

Fridge for sale
Fridges for sale online
Fridges available online for sale

Understanding Specifications of Fridges for Sale


Refrigerator capacity is the space inside the fridge compartment, measured in liters or cubic feet. It’s crucial when buying a refrigerator because it dictates how much food and other items can fit. The correct capacity depends on household size, eating patterns, and storage demands. 

Star Rating

Find the star rating for energy efficiency. Better energy efficiency, as shown by a higher star rating, can result in long-term cost savings. 

Defrosting Type

Consider versions that require manual defrosting versus those that do not. In contrast to versions that need to be manually defrosted on a regular basis, frost-free models do it automatically if ice starts to form. Choose between Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Frost-Free, and Manual.


One of the most important parts of a refrigerator, the compressor keeps the interior at a constant temperature. Refrigerators use one of two primary kinds of compressors.

When compared to older, less efficient compressor technologies, inverter compressors are light years ahead. It operates by constantly modifying its speed in response to the cooling requirement. To achieve more precise cooling, an inverter compressor can change its speed rather than turning on and off at predetermined intervals, as is the case with a traditional compressor. 

Traditional compressors run on an on-off cycle with predetermined speed settings. The compressor starts to cool the air in the refrigerator as soon as the internal temperature reaches a specific point. When the temperature is set, the compressor turns off. Many older refrigerator models still employ this type of compressor, which has been around for quite a while. 

Shelf Type

The ability to move or remove shelves from certain refrigerators makes them suitable for storing bulkier objects. Think about purchasing a type that has spill-proof or easily-cleanable shelves so that liquids don’t leak to the lower shelves. Based on your requirements, you have the option to choose between wired shelves or toughened glass ones. Try to get shelves that can be adjusted and personalised. 

How To Choose Which Fridge to Buy

Before choosing, consider what size refrigerator will meet your kitchen and needs: The appliance must be large enough for food storage and fit in your kitchen. This is crucial if you’re shopping for a fridges for sale for an existing kitchen. 

Online fridges for sale

In addition to size, the appliance’s litre capacity is crucial. 50–80 litres is enough for one person, 150–250 for a family of three, and 250–330 for a family of five or more.

Colour and finish are also important design elements. Our kitchen’s enormous appliances are becoming more vital as open-plan living becomes more prevalent. That is why more and more people are looking for integrated appliances.

With electricity prices rising, an energy-efficient refrigerator is vital. It’s good for your wallet and the environment because it’s one of the few household appliances that works 24/7. Consider energy-saving compressors and FlexiLight LEDs.

Appliance lifespan should also be considered. Many of the bigger brand fridges are designed and tested to last at least 20 years, compared to the typical seven-year lifespan for most appliances. 

Consider whether any additional features are important to you. Plenty of cool extras are available for refrigerators these days. Consider these nice-to-have features: Built-in ice maker, dishwasher-safe parts, alarms for an open door and self-closing fridge door.

Find out how long the warranty lasts and if there are any nearby service centres. If there are any problems, having a solid warranty will put your mind at ease. 

Brands with a solid reputation for quality, longevity, and helpful customer service should be your top choices. To gauge the reputation of a brand, read reviews written by customers and opinions offered by experts. 

Determine how much money you can spend based on your wants and requirements. Finding the right balance between features and cost is vital when shopping for a refrigerator, as they come in several price ranges. 

Why Buy From Us

Simplify your kitchen upgrade! At Shop Scanner, where innovation meets affordability, you’ll find the coolest discounts on refrigerators. No matter your taste or budget, you’re sure to discover the ideal refrigerator among our many options. Effortlessly improve your kitchen or bar with state-of-the-art features, energy efficiency, and stylish designs. Now is the perfect moment to turn your kitchen ideas into reality with our hassle-free delivery, safe payment methods, and great savings. Shop online for the most awesome fridges for sale, just at Shop Scanner, and never again will you have to sacrifice convenience for freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A refrigerator works by evaporating water. Fridges circulate cool air from refrigerant compression and depressurisation to keep food fresh. Refrigerators remove heat to preserve food.

Most refrigerators consume 3–6 amps, although peak draw can reach 15 amps. Refrigerators and freezers need a 15-20 amp 120-volt dedicated circuit.

The refrigeration cycle requires a fluid refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and expansion device. The compressor compresses refrigerant vapour and pushes it into the refrigerator’s outside coils.

Take the average running power per hour and multiply by 24 to calculate refrigerator watts. 

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