Ceiling Fans for Sale Online

Shop Scanner provides an enhanced online shopping experience to South Africans, also where it comes to shopping for ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are practical and stylish products that can improve the comfort and air quality of your home, as well as lower your energy bills. 

Whether you need a fan for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your outdoor area, you can find it on Shop Scanner. Shop Scanner offers a wide range of the most sought-after products for sale, from various types, sizes, designs, and features. 

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Ceiling fans for sale online
ceiling fans for sale

Understanding Ceiling Fans Specifications

Ceiling fans are practical and stylish products that can improve the comfort and air quality of your home; however, not all ceiling fans are created equal, and there are some factors to consider before you make your purchase. Here are some of the most important specifications to look for when shopping for a ceiling fans for sale:


The size of the ceiling fan should match the size of your room, and not be too large or too small. You want to create an optimal airflow and circulation, without causing noise or discomfort. 

Measure the longest wall in your room and choose a fan diameter accordingly. For example, if the longest wall is less than 4m, you need a fan that is 1m in diameter. If the longest wall is 4 to 5m, you need a 1.5m fan. If the longest wall is more than 5m, you need a 2m fan. 

You should also consider the ceiling height and the distance from the fan to the floor. Most manufacturers recommend that the fan should be at least 3m above the floor, and never less than 2m, for safety and efficiency reasons.


There are different types of ceiling fans available online, such as standard, low-profile, dual-motor, remote-controlled, and smart fans. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and preferences. For example, standard fans are the most common and versatile, low-profile fans are suitable for rooms with low ceilings, dual-motor fans are more powerful and decorative, remote-controlled fans are convenient and easy to operate, and smart fans are compatible with smart devices and voice assistants. You should do some research and compare the features and benefits of each type before you decide.


Do you need a fan to cool down a stuffy room, or simply circulate air for comfort? Different blade designs and motor powers cater to varying needs.


Many fans come with integrated light kits. Decide if you need additional lighting or prefer a fan-only option.

Remote control

The convenience of adjusting fan speed and light settings from the couch is a major plus, especially for high ceilings.

Reversible blades

Some fans have blades that can be switched between different colours, allowing you to customize the look based on your decor.


Buy a ceiling fan that is well-made and durable, as it will last longer and perform better. Check the materials, construction, warranty, and reviews of the product you are interested in. Look for signs of quality, such as metal or wood blades, rust-proof finishes, sturdy motors, and certifications. 

Noise level

Look for fans with quiet operation, especially for bedrooms or living areas.

How to Choose Between the Ceiling Fans for Sale

Shopping for ceiling fans online can be a breeze, but with so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Before you hit “buy” on that fancy fan, consider some key factors to ensure you find the perfect match for your space and needs:

  • Knowing the dimensions of your space is crucial. A fan too small won’t circulate air effectively, while one too large might overpower the room. Aim for a fan with a blade diameter that’s roughly proportional to the room size.
  • Low ceilings require low-profile fans to avoid creating a head-bonking hazard.
  • Of course, you also want to buy a ceiling fan that is affordable and within your budget. However, price is not the only factor to consider, as you also want to get good value for money. 
  • Set a realistic budget as ceiling fans come in a wide range of prices. Determine how much you’re comfortable spending before browsing online options.
  • One of the best ways to get an idea of how a ceiling fan looks and works is to read the reviews of other customers as they can give you honest and unbiased feedback on the product, as well as tips and advice on how to install and use it. 
Ceiling fan in lounge

Why Buy Ceiling Fans from Us

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans online, you should check out Shop Scanner. It compares the prices, features, and reviews of different products and brands, and shows you the best deals and offers available online. Here are more reasons why you should shop for ceiling fans with Shop Scanner:

Online shopping is convenient, as you can browse, compare, and order products from the comfort of your home, at any time.

Online shopping can save you money, as you can find the best prices and discounts by scanning hundreds of online stores and websites. 

You can pay with your credit card, debit card, or other online payment methods, without exposing your personal or financial information. Shop Scanner ensures that the transactions are encrypted and protected, and that the products are authentic and reliable. 

With Shop Scanner you can get customer support and assistance as well as helpful tips and advice on how to choose and use the products.

Shop Scanner helps you track your order and delivery status and notifies you when your products arrive. You can also choose the delivery option that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

To choose the right ceiling fan for your room, you need to consider the size, type, quality, price, and reviews of the product. You should measure the square footage and the ceiling height of your room and pick a fan with the appropriate diameter and mounting option. 

The number of blades on a ceiling fan affects its wind speed, noise, energy efficiency, and appearance. Generally, a 3-blade fan has more airflow than a 4-blade fan due to the larger blade surface area; however, a 4-blade fan can offer more stability in operation. In terms of appearance, 3-blade fans tend to be more streamlined and modern looking, while 4-blade fans often look a bit more traditional or classic.

There are different types of ceiling fans available online, such as standard, low-profile, energy-efficient, dual-motor, smart, and oversized. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your room size, ceiling height, style, budget, and desired features. 

To determine the size of the ceiling fan you need for a room, you need to measure the square footage of the room and consult a sizing guide to find the appropriate fan diameter. 

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