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Air fryers are the pinnacle of culinary ingenuity, and you can find them at Shop Scanner. Our extensive collection of air fryers will change the way you cook forever by allowing you to make delicious, crispy food with very little oil. Shop Scanner ensures a hassle-free experience with its safe transactions, fast delivery, and dedicated customer care. Get ready to say farewell to fatty treats and hello to lighter, healthier fare.

Types of Air Fryers

If you want to be the best chef you can be, you need an air fryer, and you can get air fryers for sale today from Shop Scanner. Buy now and cook like a boss.

Air Basket Fryers

Basket-style air fryers dominate the market. It is the original air-fryer design. In these variants, the food basket has a handle that locks it and activates the cooking element. You can also use the handle to flip the food around so it cooks evenly.  Basket air fryers can be digital or manual. 

Digital variants provide one-button cooking time and temperature control. These devices with digital touchpads usually contain presets for typical items and indicators to let you know when the basket is ready. Though cheaper, manual kinds lack the advanced capabilities of digital models. These units use analog dials to set temperature and time. The air fryer turns off mechanically as the timer counts down and a beep sounds to indicate that the food is done cooking.

Air Fryers With Trays

Mesh air fryers are becoming more popular. These appliances cook food in a flat or shallow container like a countertop toaster oven, unlike air fryers with baskets. Several types have numerous racks, and a few incorporate rotisserie, dehydrating, and grilling attachments. These versions, like basket models, feature manual or digital control and similar functions.

Tray air fryers let people see food cook, unlike basket types. To see how far along the cooking process you are, you can simply glance through the viewing window. These air fryers can cook more food at once. Multiple-rack models can cook vegetables, meats, and sides—a full meal—at once and take up the same counter space as basket models.


Fortunately, several toaster ovens feature air-fryer options. This seems like a brilliant way to reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen, but air-frying toaster ovens don’t offer the same crispy quality to meals in the same time as other ovens. 

That’s because, in contrast to toaster ovens, which aim to heat the entire chamber uniformly, basket-style air fryers are able to direct the hot air circulation directly onto the food. Many of these toaster ovens have air-fryer modes that direct heat to a specific zone and come with dedicated baskets.

Air fryers for sale
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Understanding Air Fryer Specifications

Storage and Preparation Area

Smallest Kitchens: 0.5 – 2 litres: These models provide convenience without sacrificing efficiency in the kitchen, making them perfect for one-person homes or smaller kitchens. Their quick cooking capabilities are ideal for small families with many batches, making them ideal for use in RVs or motorhomes.

Couples or small families would appreciate the 2L to 4L capacity, which strikes a good mix between practicality and countertop space. It is the best option for adaptable cooking demands because it can withstand frequent use.

Large Kitchens: 4L to 6L: These air fryers are perfect for large kitchens, accommodating batch cooking and entertaining, and are perfect for households with three to five members. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the ease with which you can whip up starters and snacks.

Features Improving Performance

An easy-to-use drip tray for fat gathers any extra fat that may drip off your pans while you cook, making cleaning a breeze.

Ideal for parties or prepping meals ahead of time, the Keep Warm mode makes it easy to keep food at the perfect serving temperature.

Air fryers are incredibly versatile, allowing you to roast, bake, toast, grill, reheat, and slow cook a variety of foods to suit any taste.

A non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze, making this appliance ideal for people with hectic schedules who are always on the go.

Extend your culinary horizons and unleash your inner chef with our assortment of specialty grilling attachments and double-layer trays that will make your air fryer work like a charm.

How to Choose From the Air Fryers for Sale

A high-quality air fryer doesn’t have to break the bank. For about 800 ZAR, you can get a basic model that will do the job. For an additional 400 to 600 ZAR, you can get a higher-quality air fryer that is both aesthetically pleasing and powerful.

Hybrid countertop ovens that also have an air fryer feature are the most expensive. You can buy more basic models on sale for about 3,000 ZAR, but the price can go as high as 8,000 ZAR.

There are a variety of sizes of air fryers for sale to suit any kitchen counter. You may have to cook in batches if you have a large family because they normally can’t handle a lot of food at once. The capacity to contain food is typically measured in litres, ranging from 1.3 to 8.9 in most cases. Be sure to carefully consider your needs. A larger air fryer may be necessary if you intend to prepare food for a large gathering.

Modern Improvements: Air fryers have several uses beyond frying. Not all of them can dehydrate; some can bake, grill, and even rotisserie. They come with timers and settings for various dishes so you can keep track of when to check on your cooking. As an added bonus, some models include a “keep warm” feature that maintains the food’s temperature and crispiness until it’s time to eat.

Warranties: Warranty periods vary form 60 days to one- or two-year guarantee, and go up to three years. Make sure you know the warranty details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from size and capacity, digital controls and pre-programmed settings cost extra, but they improve temperature and cooking time precision. Air-frying is easy with digital controls.

Brussels sprouts are the best air-fried vegetable starter. They crisp up quickly and wonderfully. If you’re making these for a crowd, fry them in batches to avoid sogginess.

Wash the accessories before using your air fryer for the first time. Some manufacturers recommend running it empty for 10 minutes to remove leftover scents. Consult your manual for help.

If properly defrosted and seasoned, raw meat can be air-fried safely. You can use the air fryer to reheat already-cooked meals, such as french fries or chicken tenders, from frozen. However, raw meat should be properly defrosted for even cooking and a good result.

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