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Our premium oven collection will take your online buying experience in South Africa to a whole new level, introducing you to a world of culinary perfection.

Our top-of-the-line appliances will turn your kitchen into an oasis of culinary perfection, with features like modern design and state-of-the-art technology. Our carefully selected assortment of ovens guarantees unparalleled performance and quality, perfect for both professional and amateur cooks.

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Types of Ovens

Ovens vary in size, configuration, heating components, fuel source, and features. Each oven has pros and downsides to consider before buying one for your home.

StoveTop Ovens

Stove top ovens combine a cooktop with an oven for the best of both worlds. These ovens are ideal for small kitchens without room for two appliances. Most ranges have freestanding, slide-in, or twin ovens.

  • Freestanding ovens: The monitor and controls are frequently incorporated into the backsplash. Freestanding cooktop ovens can be built-in between cabinets or installed as a standalone device, making them versatile for different kitchen layouts.
  • Built-in slide-in ovens look sleek and modern. This design allows clean lines and prevents crumbs between the appliance and cabinetry.
  • Double oven: Double oven stove top ovens allow you to cook numerous items at different temperatures.

Wall Ovens

Wall ovens save space and add elegance to your kitchen by being built into the wall or cabinets. A cooktop must be installed separately. Wall ovens are usually single or double.

  • Single wall oven: Though small, this oven can be mounted in a wall, cabinet, or beneath a countertop.
  • Like double oven ranges, double wall ovens include an additional oven cavity. Both oven compartments are normally the same size, doubling cooking space. Large, multi-course dinners that require varied cooking temperatures, settings, and periods work well in double wall ovens.

Ovens by Fuel Type

The main oven fuels are gas and electric. An electric oven is standard in most kitchens, while a gas one may require a separate gas line. 

  • Electric ranges have electric coil burners, while gas ranges have gas burners. Most homes have electric ovens. They heat evenly and can be supplied by a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet, depending on the type. Pastries bake well in electric ovens because the heat is more uniform. 
  • Gas ovens are great for baking and keeping roasts moist. This fuel type cooks and preheats faster than electric models. Gas fuel is rare in wall ovens, so you may have to pick between a built-in or gas oven.

Heating Style-based Ovens

When buying a new oven, consider the advantages and cons of traditional and convection-style ranges and wall ovens. 

  • Convection ovens move hot air around the oven cavity with a fan and exhaust system to regulate rack temperatures. 
  • Conventional ovens use gas or electric heating elements to heat air instead of fans. Usually the most common oven type. 

Specialised Ovens for Sale

A well-equipped oven can let you spend less time cooking and more time with family. Consider smart, self-cleaning, and increased cooking possibilities when searching for Ovens for Sale

Smart Ovens

By monitoring and controlling your smart oven with voice commands or your smartphone, you can cook supper faster. Many smart ovens let you remotely manage temperature and bake settings, so you can finish other activities while dinner cooks.

Ovens That Clean Themselves

Self-cleaning ovens employ high or low heat to remove spills and baked-on food particles for simpler cleanup after supper. Higher temperatures burn dirt to a powder that can be wiped away in traditional self-cleaning ovens. Steam-cleaning features in some self-cleaning ovens loosen and soften food particles for easy wiping.

Air-frying Ovens

If you have little counter space or want one device that can accomplish several tasks, consider an oven with air frying capabilities.  

Air frying produces crispy results like deep frying without oil. Air fry ovens circulate hot air around food to fry it. This makes fried items lighter and eliminates deep fryer cleanup.

Ovens for Sale
Ovens for sale online

Understanding Specifications of Ovens for Sale

Making an informed purchase requires understanding the  specifications of the different ovens for sale. Here is an in-depth summary:

Capacity: The oven’s litre capacity is crucial for different household sizes. From 43 litres for small models to 75 litres for bigger single or double ovens, we have an option that will meet your culinary demands.

Your cooking preferences determine gas or electric fuel type. While gas ovens give fine temperature control for traditional cooking, electric ovens distribute heat evenly for baking and roasting.

Fit Type: Consider the oven’s kitchen placement. For seamless kitchen integration, built-in models sit at eye level while built-under variants fit below the kitchen worktop.

Dimensions: Check the oven’s dimensions before buying. Use our measuring guide to avoid delivery surprises and ensure a smooth installation.

Choose an energy-efficient oven with an A+++ to G rating. Higher energy efficiency ratings reduce energy costs and environmental effect.

Warranty: A one- to two-year warranty protects your investment. Make sure to check product sites for warranties to avoid surprises.

Special Cooking Settings: Find ovens with air frying, sous vide, and gratin settings to simplify meal prep for every occasion.

Easy Clean: Grease-proof coatings, steam cleaning, and Pyrolytic technology make ovens easy to clean.

Smart-Connected Technology lets you remotely monitor and control culinary operations for easy meal prep.

Choose ovens with sensor controls for best cooking. Temperature probes assure flawless meat and fish finishes, and automated settings match cooking conditions to your meal, making cooking easier and more precise.

Ovens with consistent heat distribution cook evenly across all shelves, reducing the need to rotate dishes. Delicious, uniformly cooked meals are assured by hot air circulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A convection oven’s fan circulates hot air, saving 20% of your monthly energy.

Professional cooks use combo ovens for obvious reasons. Their adaptability lets chefs cook many dishes in one oven. This saves time and makes cooking very efficient.

Convection and conventional ovens are the main types you’ll encounter at home. These two types of ovens include many distinct models with handy features to help you get more done in the kitchen.

You’re usually limited to a certain oven design and size.The usual built-in oven width is 60cm, enough for most cooking. Ovens with 75cm and 90cm widths are better for entertaining or families.

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