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The weather is never predictable when you need to hang out your laundry, whether it’s winter or summer. Hot bright days might rapidly turn cloudy. This is the time when a tumble dryer will be useful. Get all the information you need by browsing our inventory at Shop Scanner.

Tumble dryers for sale

Types of Tumble Dryers

Since vented tumble dryers for sale do not contain a water reservoir, they are able to expel warm air through an exhaust hose. Typically, warm air is circulated around the drum, evaporating any moisture in your garments. For the exhaust pipe to safely release the moist air from your dryer, it is recommended to position it near a window or vent. Although they typically have an energy rating ranging from B to D, these dryers are popular due of their affordability.

Condenser dryers have a container that will hold the water that your wet clothes make. The lack of an exhaust hose makes these dryers easier to set up and use than vented models. The container holds the gathered water and must be emptied when it is full.

More expensive than vented tumble dryers, condenser dryers save more energy. An energy rating ranging from A+++ to B is assigned to them.

Similar to condenser dryers, heat pump tumble dryers are more energy efficient and do not require an exhaust hose. By reusing the humid air from the dryer through a heat pump, heat pump dryers may dry clothes at lower temperatures while reducing energy usage.

Because they use so little power, heat pump dryers are often considered the most eco-friendly option. Their energy ratings range from A+++ to B, just like condenser dryers.

Understanding Tumble Dryer Specifications and How to Choose a Tumble Dryer


Tumble dryers come in a range of sizes to suit your family’s needs, just like washing machines. Think about the number of people living in your home and the average amount of laundry you do each week.

  • Small, space-saving dryers (5–7 kg) are ideal for apartments or homes with one or two persons
  • 8 to 9 kilograms—perfect for a modest family of three or four
  • Dryers suitable for five people or more, weighing 10 kilograms or more
  • Take into consideration that the depth of your tumble dryer must always be increased by 5 cm in order to fit the pipes that must be connected.

Sensor Technology

Tumble dryers have always been energy-hungry. Their manufacturers have created sensors to solve this. They monitor drum humidity throughout the cycle and stop the dryer when your laundry is dry, saving you time and money. Some models’ laundry turned out somewhat moist in tests. While tumble dryers with sensors are more expensive, they should save you money over time if they perform correctly.


Tumble dryers are easy to use.  Manual models offer cottons, synthetics, and delicates settings. Sensor dryers feature additional programs, letting you choose the best setting.

  • Tumble dryers usually offer three dryness settings for cotton and synthetics:
  • Iron dry: This setting leaves laundry slightly damp to make ironing easier; iron immediately after the cycle.
  • Cupboard dry: This setting ensures laundry is dry enough to store after the cycle.
  • Extra dry: Best for duvets and pillows to ensure complete drying.

Other settings to watch are:

  • Wool: Verify the machine’s Woolmark approval. This will be in the instructions or have a small wool symbol by the tumble dryer setting.
  • Mixed: Use this option to dry multiple materials.
  • Shoes: Some tumble dryers have shoe racks that suspend shoes in the drum as it turns.

Tumble dryers for sale

 Drum Size

Large-capacity tumble dryers dry clothing faster than smaller ones, making them the most energy-efficient. Freestanding machines typically hold 7–10kg. This roughly translates to:

  • 7kg: 35 T-Shirts/duvet. Ideal for small households
  • 8kg: 40 T-Shirts/Queen duvet. Ideal for medium households
  • 9kg: 45 summer King duvet T-Shirts. Ideal for large families
  • 10.kg: 50 winter T-shirts King size duvet. Ideal for large families.

More Features

  • Water filter: Make sure the filter is easy to remove and the water tank is waist-high to avoid bending.
  • Child locks: These prevent kids from playing with controls.
  • Time remaining display: Some sensor types estimate how long your washing would take to dry, but we found the timer inaccurate in some testing.
  • Delay start lets you dry your load at your convenience.
  • Like fridge doors, some models include reversible doors, giving you more options for where to put your machine.
  • Warning LEDs: A warning light can alert you when to empty the water container or clean the lint filter.
  • Reverse drum: Turning the drum clockwise or anticlockwise helps dry and prevent creases.
  • Anti-crease action: The drum turns after a cycle to minimise tangling and make ironing easier.

The Energy Efficiency

All machines get an A–G grade, with A+++ being the most economical. The latest sensor versions are far better than old machines, however running costs depend on drying time and effort. A greater spin on your washer means less tumble dryer work. Another approach to reduce drying time is to loosen laundry before drying it in the dryer. Avoid overloading the machine and drying similar textiles together to save money.

Considering the Budget

Finally, decide how much money you will spend on a tumble dryer. Although you may save money at first, keep in mind that cheaper models may end up costing you more because they use more energy. It is critical to strike a balance between cost and quality.

Finally, if you’re looking to save time and energy while maintaining the quality of your clothing, a tumble dryer is a great appliance to add to your washing routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pump tumble dryers dries clothing efficiently by recycling drum heat. The removable tank of condenser tumble dryers stores moisture from garments. The moisture is extracted from your clothing and directed outside of your house by a vent in a vented tumble dryer.

If the hose can be run outside, a vented tumble dryer will be cheaper to buy and run than a condenser. Since it doesn’t convert hot air into water, it dries clothes faster than a condenser drier.

If convenience is your biggest concern, a condenser dryer can be installed anywhere and doesn’t need to be close to a door or window. The negative is that you must drain the extracted water reservoir regularly.

For optimal performance, the condenser dryer needs chilly air. Installing it in a tiny room or cabinet may cause damp walls and windows. Use the machine in a well-ventilated environment for optimal results.

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