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Exclusively at Shop Scanner, you can get the high-performance routers and modems for sale that will unlock flawless connectivity in South Africa. Get the most out of your time spent online with dependable, premium devices. Peruse our huge variety of modems and routers to discover the latest technology right at your fingertips when you shop now.

A router is different from a modem in a very basic way:

  • The modem is the actual device that links your house to your internet service provider (ISP).
  • Your home network can’t function without a router, which connects all of your gadgets to the internet.

Types and Specifications of Routers and Modems for Sale


A router with just one frequency band (2.4 GHz) is known as a single-band router. Quite a few of these routers are on the cheap. They work best with DSL or fixed wireless networks because of their greater range and the fact that they can handle internet speeds of up to 500 Mbps. With a 1 GB or faster internet connection, you might want to think about getting a router with two or three bands. 

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are the frequencies used by wireless routers that are classified as dual-band. In comparison to single-band routers, dual-band models can handle more Wi-Fi devices and provide better internet connections. The dual-band router is compatible with both cable and 5G internet. Even if you go farther away from the router, you might not get better Wi-Fi because 5GHz bands have a lesser range. 

A tri-band router is one that uses three frequencies, each of which is 5 GHz. Because there are more frequency channels, there is less interference among Wi-Fi devices, making it ideal for big houses with lots of devices. Tri-band routers tend to cost a bit more. 

This state-of-the-art wireless router, known as a Wi-Fi 6, has additional security protections and solutions for managing traffic built right in. A range of more than 100 feet and internet rates of up to 10 GB (10,000 Mbps) are both supported. Nevertheless, similar to any router, the router’s performance might be adversely affected by physical impediments such as walls and doors. In addition, the enhancements will only be seen on devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6. Also, you may get your hands on Wi-Fi 7, the router of the future.  

A gateway or combination router combines the functions of a modem and router into a single device. Considering you’re getting two devices instead of one, the higher price of a gateway might actually be a good deal. Since a gateway only requires the connection of one device, it is also simpler to set up. 

Wireless network router with a mesh layout: Any router—single, dual, tri-band, or Wi-Fi 6—could be part of a mesh network that uses supplementary devices to increase the range of your Wi-Fi signal. The greatest mesh routers are ideal for bigger houses or for expanding Wi-Fi range to remote locations like a shed or garage. 

The amount of antennas on a router has nothing to do with the number of frequencies, but pointing them in different directions might increase the Wi-Fi signal’s coverage area. A router’s speed and range are unrelated to the number of antennas; in fact, the number of antennae on a single-, dual-, or tri-band router might range from one to eight. Find out how fast your internet can get and how far your Wi-Fi can go by checking your router’s specs.


Dial-up modems: These were crucial in the early Internet, when users were connected via phone lines. Although innovative at the time, their peak speeds rarely exceeded 56 Kbps and hogged phone lines.

Digital Subscription Line (DSL) technology offers high-speed internet access over telephone lines with DSL modems. Modern ADSL and VDSL connections are faster than dial-up.

Cable modems, which use coaxial lines like cable TV, are best for rapid web browsing. They are a popular broadband internet option since they are faster than DSL and dial-up.

A fibre optic modem transfers data using light signals delivered via thin plastic or glass strands. This cutting-edge technology provides lightning-fast internet connections, far faster than cable or DSL.

How To Choose which Routers and Modems to Buy

Know your facts about your options when buying routers and modems for sale


When looking for the finest Wi-Fi router for your home, it helps to have an idea of your internet speed and the things you do on the internet. A 50 to 300 Mbps internet subscription with a single-band router should be more than enough for basic web browsing, email, and light streaming. A faster connection with a multi or tri-band router is ideal if you are streaming video, gaming, and connecting more than 20 devices simultaneously. 

There is a maximum internet speed that every router is capable of handling. Getting a router that isn’t compatible with your internet subscription will slow you down. Similarly, if your data plan does not exceed 1 GB, it is probably unnecessary to invest in the most advanced router on the market. Contact our sales team for more information.


When you know what modem you need, check your ISP’s specs. This varies widely amongst ISPs due to their diverse network infrastructure. Most ISPs list their permitted modems on their websites.

Matching your internet package is crucial when choosing a modem. Your plan’s speed is supported by the modem. The modem will slow your internet otherwise. 

Cable modem speed depends on two variables. The DOCSIS version and channel bonding. Most cable modems are DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1. Version 3.1 is newer and faster. DOCSIS 3.0 modems can reach 1000 Mbps, while DOCSIS 3.1 can reach 10,000 Mbps. 

In cable modem browsing, you may encounter a number resembling a×b (with numbers instead of letters). Those are the channels that the modem can receive. The first number is downstream and the second upstream. More channels mean faster modems.

Before buying a DSL modem, ask your ISP what type you need or look at ISP-approved models. Every major ISP has approved modem lists. 

LTE modems use 3G, 4G, or 5G internet. If you want speed, acquire a modem that works with your internet. Using 4G? Get one that supports 4G, not just 3G. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Always verify ISP compatibility for any router, modem, or combination. Mesh systems can provide better coverage and performance than single routers, but not always. Much depends on router positioning and home size and structure.

Routers are Ethernet-equipped. If the modem has an Ethernet port with the same medium (optical, copper, etc.), it will work.

At least 25Mbps is good for Wi-Fi. That ensures the right amount of Wi-Fi bandwidth for various users and devices. A 100Mbps speed is excellent for larger households.

Although most routers work with most modems, there are important distinctions that may prohibit you from connecting. Before learning which modems work with which routers, contact the Online Shopping team for more information.

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