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No one can escape ironing, whether they love it or detest it. So, choose the best iron to take the tediousness from your not-so-favourite everyday chore.  An ideal iron would be easy to grip, not too heavy, have a powerful steam shot, and have a large tank capacity. Shop Scanner will improve your iron-buying experience.

Types of Irons

Dry iron: Inexpensive and conventional. The classic iron uses dry heat from the soleplate to work. Using a lighter dry iron requires more elbow/wrist muscle to iron out stronger wrinkles, and if you have a lot of laundry, your hands will eventually grow tired. If you iron wool, denim, and persistent creases, a heavyweight dry iron works best.

Steam iron: Cheap but effective. Steam irons have water tanks that heat water and release steam through the soleplate holes. Steam makes wrinkle removal easier. When you lower a steam iron for silk and synthetic fabrics, it doesn’t produce enough steam, thus water may drip on your clothes. Look for anti-drip features. It prevents water from reaching an electrical source, improving safety.

Steam generator iron: Heavy-duty ironing. A steam generator iron generates high-pressure steam from a separate tank/boiler. If you don’t clean your steam iron or steam generator iron, calcium deposits in the steam holes may stain your clothes chalky white. Look for self-cleaning devices to remove scale and impurities from iron and avoid rusting.

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Understanding Iron Specifications when Shopping for Irons for Sale 

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Choose from our wide range of irons for sale for your perfect iron. Understanding the specs can help with this decision.

Wattage/Heat Settings

Wattage determines the iron’s heating power and how rapidly it heats. Higher-wattage irons heat up faster, saving time. Consider an iron with adjustable heat for different fabrics. This flexibility lets you iron delicate fabrics at lower temps and harsher creases at higher temperatures.

Soleplate Material and Design

Performance and durability depend on the iron soleplate. Check soleplate materials like ceramic, stainless steel, or non-stick coatings. Ceramic soleplates distribute heat well and glide over clothes. Sole plates made of stainless steel are long-lasting and won’t easily scratch. Non-stick coatings reduce fabric snagging and simplify cleaning. Choose an iron with a well-designed soleplate, precision tips, and strategically placed steam holes for optimal steam dispersion.

Water Tank Capacity

Water tank volume matters for steam irons. Refilling a larger water tank less often means fewer ironing interruptions. It comes in handy when ironing bulky fabrics like curtains or bed linens. Choose an iron with a water tank that fits your ironing loads.

Steam Burst and Output

Steam production is important in steam irons. More steam means better wrinkle removal and ironing. Consider a steam iron with adjustable settings for different textiles. Look for a steam iron with a powerful burst feature to efficiently remove stubborn wrinkles and creases.

Comfortable Controls and Ergonomics

User-friendly controls and ergonomics improve ironing. Try to get irons that have simple, straightforward controls that are easy to learn and use. A soft grip and ergonomic handle decrease strain and discomfort during long ironing sessions.

Swivel and Cord Length

The iron’s cord length and swivel make it user-friendly. A longer cable gives the ironing board more flexibility and reach, minimising the need to move it. A swivel chord minimises tangling and makes ironing easy.

Safety Features

Iron safety elements provide piece of mind and avoid mishaps. Consider auto shut-off, which switches off the iron after a certain time. This is crucial when ironing is interrupted. Other safety features:

  • A heat-resistant handle.
  • A base that is strong and safe.
  • Anti-drip technology to prevent garment stains and leaks.

Warranty and Support

Consider the manufacturer’s warranty and support. A long warranty shows the manufacturer’s trust in the product. Having dependable customer care also makes it easier to get help or fix problems quickly when they turn up.

Fabric Care Settings

If you want to save money and manually alter settings to protect delicate materials, check for automatic burn and clothing damage protection.

Consider the linens you’ll iron while choosing a dry iron. Soft textiles like silk and lace need special attention and lower heat. To protect delicate fabrics, choose dry irons with precise temperature control.


Not all cordless irons are portable, but some are built for travel. Foldable irons are compact for packing. The model determines how to fold and how the iron looks.  Foldable irons come in many sizes.

Mini clothes irons are small. Thus, this travel iron won’t work as fast as larger ones. They can be foldable or non-foldable. Small craft projects benefit from mini irons.

Why Buy an Iron form Us?

The ease and variety of Shop Scanner make it the best option when looking to buy an iron. Finding the ideal iron without breaking the bank is a breeze with our flexible payment options and low rates.

You can buy a wide variety of iron models from well-known brands without ever leaving your house thanks to the convenience of online purchasing. Everything from classic steam irons to state-of-the-art steam generators is available at Shop Scanner.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of going to multiple stores because Shop Scanner’s speedy delivery service will get your chosen iron sent straight to your house. To top it all off, our dependable customer care is always there to answer any questions or handle any issues that may arise, so you can buy with complete peace of mind.

You can learn a lot about the quality and longevity of various irons for sale from the reviews that customers leave on Shop Scanner platforms. Shop Scanner has a good reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, so you can buy your iron with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a good tool from a trustworthy site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure it has many heat settings so you can dry both delicate and tough textiles. The finest steam irons will allow you to customise the steam pressure, spray it with different nozzles, and even use it vertically.

Your ironing routine determines this. Choose a 750W iron if you’re looking for one for occasional use around the house. It heats up slowly and uses minimal power. You should choose a 1000W iron if you use your iron frequently or in your business.

The long-lasting stainless steel plate can withstand scratches and heats up in no time. Tough areas are targeted by powerful blast, steam, and fine-mist spray. Additionally, the self-cleaning function and automatic shutoff make maintenance a breeze. Ceramic offers a sturdy, scratch-proof, silky, and gliding surface.

Keep in mind that a higher wattage iron will perform better. What this implies is that the high-powered iron will heat up very quickly, making short work of wrinkles and creases in clothing.

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