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Outdoor Lighting for Sale Online

With so many choices of outdoor light and lighting for sale, it might be difficult to settle on a beautiful, harmonious outdoor lighting plan in South Africa. Good decisions can transform an outdoor area into a work of art, while poor ones can have the exact opposite effect. It is essential to know what to look for in an outdoor light and what functions each type offers before purchasing and installing one. Shopping at Shop Scanner will greatly enhance your buying experience.

What Types of Outdoor Lighting Can You Choose From?

  • Spotlights: Versatile with adjustable angles, perfect for highlighting landscaping or exterior features.
  • Flood lights: Intense lights for security, often with motion sensors to minimize disturbance.
  • Bollard lights: Sleek, vertical lights for pathways without obstructing design.
  • Pendant lights: Stylish hanging central lighting, ideal for outdoor seating areas.
  • String lights: Versatile and easy to install, providing a soft glow for various applications.
  • Lanterns: Available in various designs, suitable for hanging or placing around outdoor spaces.
  • Spike lights: Ground lighting for walkways and driveways, often solar-powered for energy efficiency.
  • Up/Downlights: Wall lights diffusing illumination, highlighting features like trees or home borders.
  • Step lights: Essential for stairs, ensuring safety and enhancing landscape visibility.
  • Wall sconces: Soft, even glow for walls, fences, and outdoor artwork highlighting.
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Understanding Outdoor Lighting Specifications

Because they last a long time, are easy on the environment, and use very little energy, LED lights are the best option between the outdoor lighting for sale. In spite of the high price tag, they save money in the long run due to their low energy use and extended lifespan between bulb replacements.

Based on your illumination requirements, choose light bulbs with the correct wattage. While lower wattages are adequate for ambient or decorative lighting, higher wattages are appropriate for practical lighting in large spaces.

Make Durability a Priority. Choose outdoor lighting that can endure the elements and last for a long time. LED lights are dependable because they last longer and don’t become hot even when used for lengthy periods of time.

Think About Colour Temperature. How warm or cool a light is determined by its colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin. Warmer, yellowish light is produced by lower Kelvin values, and cooler, bluer light is produced by higher Kelvin numbers. Make your selection in accordance with your personal taste and preferred configuration. Use a warmer color temperature range of 2500K to 2700K for building details and a cooler range of 3000K to 4000K for bringing out the greenery in your landscaping.

Measure the Lumens. The lumens that a light bulb produces are a measure of its brightness. Security lighting requires a higher lumen output, but ambient lighting can get by with a lower one. Based on your individual illumination requirements, choose the suitable range.

Footcandle (fc): This unit measures the illuminance on a surface, or the amount of light falling on a specific area. It essentially tells you how bright a specific area is. Imagine a square foot of floor space. One footcandle is the amount of light needed to illuminate that one square foot of space with one lumen of light.

If you plan on placing lights near bodies of water, check that they are waterproof to a minimum of IP65 or IP67. Essential for lights used in fountains or underwater environments. A grade of IP44 is adequate for use in outdoor regions that are subject to rainfall.

Research Solar Options: Lights that draw electricity from the sun are an eco-friendly option. If you live in a location that gets plenty of sunshine, you might want to try using solar-powered post and path lights.

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Outdoor Light and Lighting for Sale: How To Choose Which to Buy

Design and Visual Appeal

  • Take into account the home’s architectural style. Sleek, minimalist designs would work for a contemporary house, while classic lanterns and carriage lights would look great in a more traditional one.
  • Topographical elements: Spotlights or well lights can be used as accent lighting to draw attention to trees, pathways, or architectural fixtures.
  • Ambiance: Choose the ambiance you wish to establish. Light that is warmer and softer makes people feel more at ease, while light that is cooler and whiter might make people feel safer.

Location and Purpose

  • Security and safety: Light up dark areas using porch lights, floodlights, or motion-activated lights.
  • Light up your patio or deck with string lights, post lights, or wall sconces for a more liveable outside area.
  • Use spotlights or low-hanging lighting as an accent to draw attention to landscaping or architectural details.

Financial Plan and Cost

  • Create a sensible spending plan: The design, construction, and number of features of an outdoor fixture determine its final price.
  • Opting for long-term vs. upfront costs: Think about keeping things running. LED lights may be more expensive initially, but they save money on electricity costs in the long run.

Efficient Use of Energy

Choose light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs instead of incandescent ones; they last far longer and use far less energy.

Solar-powered alternatives: These can cut down on energy expenses and do away with wire altogether.


Be sure to get a solid warranty: Pick brands that have defective warranties so you can rest well.

User Reviews

See what other people have to say about the product: Find out what other people thought about the product’s quality, longevity, and overall satisfaction by reading reviews online.

Setup and Upkeep

  • Do-it-yourself or hire a pro? Assess what you’re good at. You might need to call an electrician for some setups.
  • The ease of cleaning and maintaining: In particularly weather-prone locations, pick fixtures that are simple to remove and wash.
  • Fixtures in locations that are exposed to the elements should be chosen with care so that they are easy to reach and clean.

Reputation of the Brand

Make your purchase from a reputable company that has a solid reputation for quality, longevity, and support. This guarantees the security of your investment and your happiness in the long run.

  • Outdoor lighting is an investment. Make long-lasting improvements to the look and usefulness of your outdoor areas by selecting fixtures with care.

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Frequently Asked Questions


General, task, and accent lighting are the three main categories that comprise your home’s overall illumination system. When designing a lighting scheme for a space, it’s best to use a combination of all three types, taking into account the area’s function and desired aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a constant, bright light, as in a kitchen or office, fluorescent bulbs are a great choice. People typically use incandescent bulbs in bedrooms and as desk lights because of the warm light they produce. LED lights last much longer than incandescent bulbs while using less energy overall.

An acronym for “light emitting diode,” or LED. LED lights outperform incandescent bulbs by a factor of up to 90% in terms of light output efficiency. Visible light is produced when an electrical current flows through a microchip, illuminating the small light sources known as LEDs.

For each room, multiply the square footage by the required number of footcandles. As an illustration, 2,000 lumens would be required to illuminate a 100-square-foot living area that uses 20 foot candles.

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