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Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale Online

Just about every security expert you ask will recommend “security cameras and dogs” as the top two defenses against house invaders.

Having said that, there is a lot of variety within the definition of security cameras. With numerous camera models and countless manufacturers, it can be difficult for buyers to sort through the poor to find the good. But here at Shop Scanner, we want to make sure that purchasing online is as easy, safe and successful as can be.

What types of Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale
Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale

What types of Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale Are There? How to Choose?

There are a number of ways to differentiate between the many types of security cameras available in 2024. We believe the following breakdown will go a long way to simplify the various options and their optimal uses. Browse through our wide range of Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale.


There are several types of home security cameras based on their recommended installation sites.

  • Indoor home security cameras: These cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on everything going on within buildings including houses, businesses, and stores, as the name suggests. Ordinarily, these cameras are small, unobtrusive, and made to blend in with their indoor environment.
  • Home security cameras that are specifically made to be used outside are known as outdoor cameras. They are resistant to severe weather, such as heat, cold, rain, and snow. A weatherproof grade of IP66 or above is standard for outdoor cameras. They are suitable for use in the outside regions of houses, companies, and public places.
  • The video doorbell is a subset of security cameras that integrates audio and video capabilities into a single device. When put at the front door, it lets homeowners see who’s at the door and even talk to them from a distance using a smartphone app or any other connected device.

Over the Internet

The general public often assumes that security cameras can’t do their jobs without access to a network. However, it’s important to note that not all cameras send data across the network. Cameras can be categorised as either IP or analog based on the network connectivity they use.

  • The ability to operate independently of networks is a key feature of analog cameras. Using analog signals, they record and send visual footage. It takes the incoming video signal, changes it to an analog format, and sends it on via coaxial lines to a recorder or screen.
  • The term “Internet Protocol” (IP) refers to a type of digital camera that can record video and send it via a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. To put it simply, these cameras record video in digital format and send it via a wireless or Ethernet network. If your house has WiFi, a wireless security camera can work great.

Regarding Shape

  • Cameras with dome-shaped housings are called dome cameras. Because of their adaptability, you can use them indoors and out. Their unobtrusive style makes them difficult to vandalize or tamper with.
  • The cylindrical form resembling a bullet is a defining feature of bullet cameras. Their long-range visibility makes them ideal for outdoor monitoring.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are capable of both manual and automatic pan, tilt, and zoom movements. There is a wide range of sizes and forms of PTZ cameras, but most of them feature a motorised base that allows for movability and placement flexibility.
  • The turret camera gets its name from the fact that its dome-shaped housing resembles a turret found on a castle or fortification. Turret cameras include an exterior lens, as opposed to the inside lens seen in conventional dome cameras.

Regarding Lens

  • A camera with a single lens is able to take still pictures or record video with a single focal length. For everyday monitoring, the single lens that comes with most home security cameras is more than enough.
  • A dual-lens camera takes pictures from somewhat varied perspectives thanks to its two collaborating lenses. Professional monitoring situations are best served by dual-lens security cameras due to their larger fields of vision.

Understanding Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras Specifications

In order to choose the best security or CCTV surveillance camera, it is essential to understand their specifications.

  • Video resolution, expressed in pixels (e.g., 1080p or 4K), describes how sharp and detailed the recorded footage is.
  • From very narrow to very wide, the camera’s field of vision dictates the region it can capture. 
  • Colour Night Vision: Modern security cameras offer better night vision. They capture clear footage in low-light or utter darkness. Infrared (IR) technology, bigger image sensors, and spotlights are included. The devices work together to create visuals without light. Many manufacturers offer full-colour night vision without spotlights for nighttime surveillance.
  • AI: Modern security cameras have been transformed by AI. AI-powered security cameras can follow objects, detect odd activity, and notify homeowners in real time. Al algorithms allow cameras to track specific objects and motions in the monitoring area. The cameras automatically evaluate the scene and provide homeowners with real-time data about people, vehicles, packages, pets and more.
  • A variety of power choices are available, including those that are wired, battery-operated, or even Power over Ethernet (PoE). 
  • Remote access and monitoring are made possible via connectivity choices such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 
  • Two common ways to store videos are on an SD card at home or in a cloud service. 
  • To further improve control and usefulness, smart platforms can be integrated with voice assistants or home automation systems. 

Paying attention to these details will help you choose a security camera that not only satisfies your surveillance needs but also fits in with your personal tastes and technical requirements.

How To Choose Which Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras to Buy

Surveillance camera systems can be purchased with cameras, wires, and recording devices separately or pre-assembled. Whatever you choose, consider these things to guarantee your surveillance system meets your needs:

  • Choose the right camera for your business (bullets, turrets, domes, motorised VF varifocal, PTZs).
  • Your property size and entry/exit points will determine how many cameras you require.
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof outside cameras are needed.
  • Choose a hard disk, memory card, and how long you want footage stored. 
  • Secure your cords according to your security system.
  • Set the lighting in your home or office. Cameras with strong low-light capabilities or WDR Wide Dynamic Range balance bright light and shadows in low-light areas.
  • Consider your analog or IP camera surveillance settings. A hybrid NVR may make analogue-to-IP migration easy.
  • Budget: Online cameras are cheap, but security should never be compromised. You get what you pay for, therefore if you want to safeguard your family, property, or what matters most, get a reputable product.
Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Sale Online

Why Buy Security and CCTV Surveillance Cameras From Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-fi cameras are great for home security. You can mount it outside any building. It operates nicely as a security camera without sacrificing its usual features.

Dome cameras are frequently used for interior and outdoor security and monitoring.

Large-scale deployments and flexible, remote-access systems benefit from IP cameras’ greater image quality, scalability, and advanced features. When using analog infrastructure, HD CCTV cameras might be more cost-effective.

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