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Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers for Sale Online

A smartwatch is more than just a watch; it’s a mobile assistant that syncs up with your phone so you can access your messages, calls, and apps without ever taking it out of your pocket. A fitness tracker is your health friend and fundi all in one as it helps you to achieve your health goals more precisely by keeping tabs on your heart rate, sleep habits, and workout performance, in addition to tracking your steps.

Due to their adaptability and ease of use, smartwatches and fitness trackers maintain their meteoric rise in popularity in the year 2024. These wearable devices provide unmatched convenience and functionality, making them ideal for tech enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, and anybody who values being connected while on the move. Keep one step ahead of the competition in 2024 and beyond by shopping for the most cutting-edge smartwatches and fitness trackers for sale at Shop Scanner.


What Kind of Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers Can You Choose From?

Two primary types of smartwatches are expected to reign king on the market in 2024: high-tech wristwatches and affordable fitness trackers. Browse our Smartwatches and fitness trackers for sale to find your perfect fit.

Modern smartwatches have displays for navigating applications, sophisticated sensors for things like heart rate and GPS, and smart functions for things like music playback and contactless payments. You can easily pair them with your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Basic fitness trackers mainly record your heart rate and the number of steps you do each day. They often include more basic displays with basic data and necessary sensors to monitor your heart rate, distance traveled, and steps taken. A few of them have GPS and the ability to track your sleep. 

When compared to smartwatches, their battery life is significantly longer due to their emphasis on essential features. Both varieties can be synced with cellphones through Bluetooth, and users can access extra functionality through specialised apps.

Understanding Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers Specifications


  • Touchscreen (Smartwatch): Enables user interaction with apps and features. Capacitive touch is most common, utilizing user touch to register input.
  • Basic Display (Fitness Tracker): Often uses LCD or OLED technology with lower resolution, primarily displaying time, steps, and basic notifications.


  • Accelerometer: Enables step counting, activity tracking, and sleep monitoring by measuring acceleration and motion.
  • Gyroscope: Tracks rotational movement, allowing for advanced activity tracking and gesture recognition.
  • Wearable optical sensors allow a heart rate monitor (HRM) to detect fluctuations in blood flow at the wrist and hence calculate the wearer’s heart rate.
  • GPS (Smartwatch): Monitors your whereabouts when you’re out and about, whether you’re jogging, riding, or navigating.
  • Extra Sensors: Thermometers, barometers (for height tracking), and blood oxygen monitors (SpO2) are some of the other sensors that may be included in certain models.

Internet Access

  • Data syncing with cellphones and linking to other Bluetooth devices are both made possible by Bluetooth. Increasing the efficiency of battery life is a common goal of Low Energy (BLE) technologies.
  • Several smartwatches have Wi-Fi. Connects to the internet so you may download apps, update them, and use other features.

Electrical Power Source

  • How long a smartwatch’s battery lasts is completely dependent on how you use it and what functions it has. Using more power-hungry functions, such as GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring, could reduce battery life. A single charge usually lasts between one and three days.
  • A fitness tracker’s basic features allow it to prioritise longer battery life, with most models lasting seven to ten days or even weeks on a single charge.


  • Water Resistance: The depth to which a gadget can resist water without being damaged is measured in ATM (meters).
  • Main memory: A place to save files, programs, and music.
  • Operating System (Smartwatch): Apple’s watchOS or Google’s Wear OS are two examples of proprietary operating systems.
  • For optimal performance, it is essential that the software be compatible with the major mobile operating systems (Android, iOS).

Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers for Sale: How to Buy

When shopping for a fitness tracker or smartwatch, it’s important to take your own wants and needs into account. 


  • In terms of functionality, smartwatches provide a lot more than just fitness tracking. They let you make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and install apps, much like an extension of your smartphone. Consider these if you’re in the market for a multipurpose device.
  • Fitness trackers are great for keeping tabs on your workouts and other health-related data. If you value simple fitness statistics the most, a tracker is a good choice.


  • Wristwatches: Typically more expensive because of more sophisticated features and bigger screens.
  • Fitness Trackers: Perfect for those on a tighter budget.

Health and Fitness Metrics

Activity data, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking are all features offered by fitness trackers and smartwatches alike. Weigh the importance of various measures.

Concerning Form and Function

  • Smartwatches: Bigger, heavier, and packed with functions. Figure out which one goes with your personal style.
  • Fitness trackers: more compact, less heavy, and unnoticeable. Perfect for individuals who favour understated jewellery.

Connectivity and Third-Party Apps

  • Smartwatches: Get a smartwatch if you wish to download apps or surf the web.
  • Fitness Trackers: Not Designed for Heavy App Use.


  • When it comes to phone compatibility, the Apple Watch is the best option for iPhone users.
  • Pixel Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are good options for Android users.

Reviews and Sales

  • Look at affordable models that have received good reviews.
  • Seek out sales on high-quality gadgets. Keep in mind that your preferences, way of life, and intended use will determine the optimal option. 
Smart watches and fitness trackers for sale
Smart watches for sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google has decided to pull the Fitbit brand from nearly 30 nations’ marketplaces. They have, however, promised to continue supporting existing Fitbit users in those nations.

Already done 8 January 2024. New health, wellness, and linked capabilities are available on the Lily® 2 line of small and stylish smartwatches introduced by Garmin. 

In addition to the Galaxy S24 flagship series that was announced earlier this year, Samsung is planning to release a slew of new and fascinating products in 2024. However, before the year comes to a close, the tech giant may give some of its older devices a facelift and reintroduce them.

Besides keeping tabs on your step count and calorie expenditure, it can also detect your heart rate and the amount of stairs you’ve climbed. A smartwatch is capable of all these things and more, thanks to its built-in applications.

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