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Laser Printers for Sale Online

When compared to inkjet printers, laser printers are significantly more efficient and quick, making them ideal for households, schools, and organisations that print several documents frequently. The process involves using a spinning drum to generate a patterned static charge, which in turn draws toner powder onto paper. The toner is subsequently heated rapidly to fuse it onto the paper. At Shop Scanner we have laser printers for every need.

What types of Laser Printers Can You Choose From?

There are a variety of laser printers for sale, each designed to meet certain requirements. 

With the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax, multifunction laser printers are incredibly flexible. Because they combine the functions of a scanner and fax into one, they are more economical and suitable for smaller offices or those that only use them sometimes. 

Although they can be more expensive initially and per page, colour laser printers use toner colours cyan, magenta, and yellow to create vivid prints. These are poised to experience additional price drops due to technological advancements, further establishing laser printers as indispensable equipment in contemporary printing settings.

Using electrostatic technology, mono laser printers produce fast, high-quality output with exceptional letter clarity. 

Wireless laser printers also provide ease and versatility. Choose a model that is Wi-Fi compatible for easy wireless connection, or upgrade your current printer with a wireless print server. 

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Understanding Laser Printers Specifications

  • Type: Colour or Monochrome
    This specification refers to whether the printer can produce colour prints or only monochrome (black and white) prints.
  • Connection Type: Wireless, Ethernet, NFC
    Describes the various ways the printer can connect to devices. Wireless connectivity allows printing without physical connections, Ethernet for wired networks, and NFC for near-field communication, enabling quick and easy connections.
  • Maximum Standard Paper Size
    Indicates the largest paper size the printer can accommodate. Common standard sizes include A4, Letter, Legal, etc.
  • Number of Ink Colours
    Relevant for colour printers, specifying the number of colours the printer can use to create a wide range of hues. More colours generally result in better colour accuracy and depth in prints.
  • Toner
    Lasers don’t have the output quality issues ink creates on plain paper. Microplastic toner particles are chemically generated to uniform size and shape. They don’t leak into paper like ink, softening lines and designs. Laser beam electrostatic charge positions them precisely on photosensitive material, fusing them in place. 
  • Direct Printing From Media Cards
    Indicates whether the printer supports direct printing from memory cards, simplifying the process of transferring and printing photos or documents stored on these cards.
  • Direct Printing From USB Thumb Drives
    Highlights the capability to print directly from USB thumb drives, offering convenient and quick access to documents and files without the need for a computer.
  • Rated Speed at Default Settings (Colour/Mono)
    Specifies the printing speed in pages per minute (PPM) for both colour and monochrome prints. Faster speeds are beneficial for high-volume printing environments.
  • Monthly Duty Cycle (Recommended/Maximum)
    Recommends the ideal monthly print volume for optimal printer performance and indicates the maximum capacity the printer can handle without potential damage. 
  • LCD Preview Screen
    Refers to the presence of a preview screen on the printer, usually an LCD display. This screen aids in navigating printer settings, previewing documents, and managing print jobs more efficiently.
  • Printer Input Capacity
    Specifies the maximum number of sheets the printer can hold at once. Higher input capacity reduces the need for frequent paper refills, making the printer more suitable for large printing tasks.
  • Cost Per Page (Monochrome/Colour)
    Represents the estimated cost of printing a single page in monochrome and colour. Essential for budget-conscious users, as it provides insight into ongoing operational costs.
  • Print Duplexing
    Indicates whether the printer supports automatic or manual duplexing (double-sided printing). This feature helps save paper and is environmentally friendly.
  • Automatic Document Feeder
    Denotes the presence of an automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning or copying multiple pages without manual intervention. ADF enhances productivity, particularly for tasks involving multiple-page documents.
  • Scanner Type
    Differentiates between flatbed and sheetfed scanners, influencing the types of documents and materials the printer can scan.
  • Duplexing Scans
    Specifies whether the scanner supports duplexing scans, allowing for automatic scanning of both sides of a document.
  • Maximum Scan Area
    Identifies the maximum dimensions the scanner can accommodate when scanning documents. Relevant for users needing to scan larger or irregularly sized documents.
  • Scanner Optical Resolution
    Measures the scanner’s optical resolution in dots per inch (DPI), influencing the clarity and detail of scanned images. Higher DPI values result in sharper scans.
  • Standalone Copier and Fax
    Indicates whether the printer functions as a standalone copier and fax machine, providing additional versatility without requiring a connected computer.
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How To Choose Between the Laser Printers for Sale

To make sure you get a laser printer that works for you, there are a few things to think about. All aspects of print quality, including resolution, colour capabilities, and media compatibility, are of utmost importance. 

Businesses that need documents quickly must prioritise print speed, which is measured in pages per minute (ppm). Numerous connectivity options are available, including the more conventional cable connections, wireless printing, and voice-activated controls.

Copying and faxing capabilities, as well as other all-in-one features, should meet your needs. 

Laser printers are great because they employ toner powder and static electricity to print quickly and cheaply, which is especially useful for documents with a lot of text. 

Because of their long lifespan and high productivity, laser printers are cost-effective for both home and business use.

Why Buy Laser Printers From Us?

Get the most out of your printing budget with the amazing variety of laser printer models and brands available from Shop Scanner. From simple black-and-white printers to flexible colour devices, you’ll find a vast selection of reasonably priced solutions to suit your needs. You can shop with complete peace of mind knowing that your purchase is protected thanks to our excellent customer assistance and secure transactions. Experience the convenience of dependable and speedy delivery, ensuring that your new printer will reach your home on time. Whatever your laser printer needs may be, from home office supplies to business process optimisation, you’ll find the ideal model at Shop Scanner. Get the most out of your printing experience without breaking the bank by shopping today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical details. Resolution, printing width, and memory are three crucial performance criteria for laser printers. The number of dots per square inch, or dpi, is the unit of measurement for a printer’s resolution. An increase in the number of dots per inch is indicative of better resolution.

While most people replace their colour laser printers every three to five years, some black and white printers can survive 10 years or more.

A laser printer’s higher initial investment makes it a more costly investment. Colour laser printers can drive up the price of toner even further compared to regular replacement inkjet cartridges. Laser printers in general use more expensive toner.

Toner typically lasts longer than ink, but laser printers and toner cartridges are typically more costly than inkjet printers and ink. (Thus, while toner might save money in the long run, it does require a larger initial outlay.)

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