Cooker hoods and extractor fans for sale online
Cooker hoods and extractor fans for sale

Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans For Sale Online in South Africa

The kitchen, like any other room in the house, relies heavily on good air circulation. While a hood is the preferred method of ventilation in the kitchen, others choose to install extractor fans instead. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A lot is dependent on how and what you use your kitchen for. 

You have two options for where the filtered air from your kitchen goes when it’s extracted: either outdoors (extraction hood) or back into the kitchen (recirculation hood). There will be a lot of condensation and stale, dirty, and stinky air left over if you don’t have an effective method to remove the air from your kitchen. Your kitchen will quickly become an unsanitary and dangerous breeding ground for germs. Shop Scanner is where you will find your best option.

All cooker hoods and extractor fans for sale are useful for controlling the airflow in the kitchen, but they do so in different ways. Because they don’t filter the air they route outside, extractor fans are good at removing kitchen odours, but they can be noisy because of the amount of power needed to do it. But unsightly ductwork could ruin the look of your kitchen.

However, cooker hoods use grease and charcoal filters to remove smoke, odours, and cooking scents before recirculating the air inside the kitchen. They may not be as successful in eliminating odours and grease, but they are inexpensive and don’t require ducting. To maintain peak performance, change the filter regularly.

Which one is better for your kitchen will depend on its design, layout, and where you put the cooker. A variety of styles are available for cooker hoods, including those with glass panels, integrated lighting, ceiling mounts, canopies, and chimneys. Those that like their gadgets hidden will not be happy with the latter, which is typical in commercial kitchens.

For more expansive areas, such as large kitchens and utility rooms, centrifugal extractor fans are an excellent choice for air extraction. Despite being noisier, they are able to remove more air than axial fans. 

In the end, the design, size, and amount of air processing and filtration you need will determine whether you should use an extractor fan or a cooker hood in your kitchen. 

Cookerhoods for sale
Cookerhoods and Extractor Fans for sale

Understanding Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans Specifications

Rate of extraction

Extraction rate is crucial when selecting a new cooker hood. The air your hood can process per hour is measured in cubic metres. For best results, your cooker hood should filter room air 10 times or more each hour.

How to choose the best extraction rate: You must calculate the room volume. Measure width, depth, and height in metres and multiply.  Choose a cooker hood and check the page’s specs for extraction rate. Once you get that, divide by room volume. It will show how many times air is filtered per hour. If this value is 10 or above, you’ve determined the right extraction rate for your property. The kitchen can be clean without being noisy. Quiet cooker hoods keep windows steam-free and remove odours without noise. 


You need the correct cooker hood size to avoid kitchen steam. Matching the size of your hood to your hob will prevent clouds and odours, so measure before you buy. Look for the dimensions under essential features.

Every cooker hood must be centrally placed over the hob to cover it. Draw an imaginary straight line upwards from the hob’s edge to the cooker hood’s lower edge to determine its breadth. A 5° angle outwards is recommended for wall-mounted hoods, and 10° for island hoods. The recommended distance between a hob and a cooker hood is 65cm to 75cm, and a hob up to 75cm broad needs a 90cm hood, while a 90cm hob needs a 100cm to 120cm hood. Island cooker hoods must always be larger than the hob below, although cooker hoods with multi-zone edge extraction and those servicing gas hobs can be the same size.

Energy Rating

Finding an eco-friendly and cost-effective range hood can be intimidating. The helpful energy rating will do all the heavy lifting for you. Appliances rated A+++ and higher are the most energy efficient on the market, and you can simply evaluate their energy efficiency using this scale from A to D. 

When Shopping for Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans for Sale, Consider These Points: 

Carefully consider all these points when browsing our cooker hoods and extractor fans for sale:

Your Kitchen Design

Your kitchen plan will influence how much space you have and how to fit your oven hood. Mount the hood 24-30 inches above the cooktop, but check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Energy Calculator for Kitchen Hood

With some basic math, you can calculate how much air a kitchen hood can extract per hour. The fan’s CFM, or “Cubic feet per minute,” measures fan power. An exhaust hood fan with 1,000 CFM can extract all the air from a 10-by-10-foot area in one minute. Multiply the CFM by 60 to find out how much air a hood can replenish every hour.

Consider Costs

Cost varies for practically any house purchase. Size, power, materials, and unique features like heat sensors, automatic shut off, and built-in illumination determine hood cost. Do your homework and check prices online. Remember to include installation. That may be better left to the pros. 


Despite their durability, cooker hoods can break. The warranty protects you from unpleasant surprises. The standard warranty is one or two years, but check our product pages for details.


Smart-connected cooker hoods can be operated by an app on your phone. Some connect the hob and hood so it adjusts automatically. For instance, the hood will automatically adjust the extraction rate to match the steam level if you have many pans set to the highest setting.

Why Buy Cooker Hoods and Extractor Fans from Us

Streamline your cooking space and improve air quality with the premium range of cooker hoods and extractor fans offered by Shop Scanner. Find modern appliances with stylish designs and advanced technology that eliminate smoke and odours for a clean kitchen. We take pride in our range’s energy-saving features, which include effective ventilation and noise reduction. Receive unique discounts, fast delivery, and top-notch support while knowing your payments are secure. Cooker hoods and extractor fans for sale are waiting for you at Shop Scanner – redefine your cooking sanctuary with quality and freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

We advise placing a hood over a gas stove and venting it to the outside because gas burners generate a lot of heat and potentially dangerous pollutants. A ventless hood is usually sufficient for use with electric stoves because of its lower wattage. To maintain clean, fresh air, however, we suggest a hood that vents to the outside.

The best place to put a fan is high up and farthest from any door or window where the humidity is coming from. Doing so will maximise the amount of fresh air that can circulate throughout the entire space.

Because the air is taken straight outdoors, a ducted cooker hood is the most effective at extracting steam, cooking emissions, and unpleasant smells. On the other hand, recirculating hoods are better for the environment since they remove steam and fumes from the air before reintroducing it to the kitchen.

The typical power consumption of a cooker hood is 70–150 watts. A cooker hood uses approximately 25 kWh of energy per year.

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