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LED TVs For Sale Online in South Africa

At Shop Scanner you will find excellent LED TVs for sale for your home or office on the market in South Africa. Identical to a smartphone or desktop computer, a smart TV allows internet connectivity in addition to having an inbuilt processor, onboard storage, and other features. You can connect the TV to the internet with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the ability to host individual apps, smart TVs can handle a wide range of services, including streaming music and video content. It also works with third-party devices that let you control the TV and its apps.

Types of LED TVs available at Shop Scanner

One of the most popular types of televisions is the LCD version. Remember, the LED TVs for sale are screens that use liquid crystals called LCDs. With its unique combination of solid and liquid characteristics, this crystal exhibits amazing versatility. Backlights are located behind the primary screen of LCD monitors or displays. This allows them to release the white light. The liquid crystals in these screens may selectively absorb or emit light depending on the situation, thanks to the two layers of polarised glass.

That being said, LED screens also use the same technology. Because of this, it is often said that all LED screens are actually LCD screens, but this is not necessarily true.

The abbreviation LED refers to light-emitting diodes. One way in which it differs from LCD televisions is that the former uses fluorescent lights while the latter uses diodes.  Different arrangements of these lights are also possible. To make an LED work, the lights are either positioned behind the screen or encircle it. The actual form of the screens can also vary as a result of the difference between LCD and LED TVs. So, for instance, you’ll often see that LEDs are thinner than LCDs.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TVs entered stores in 2012 and look like LCD TVs. A fundamental difference between OLEDs and LEDs is their use in OLED displays. An electric current across these compounds produces light. This produces outstanding colour accuracy and clarity.

Quantum light-emitting diodes (QLEDs) are popular TVs today. Nanoparticles replace light-emitting diodes in a quantum dot array (QLED). Electric fields brighten and colourise charged dots.

Understanding Specifications of LED TVs for Sale and How to Choose the Best LED TV

LED TV presentationScreen Size

Diagonal measurement, usually expressed in inches, is the standard unit of measurement for television screens. There is a wide range of TV sizes available, from small, space-saving models perfect for apartments or kitchens to huge displays befitting mansions or living rooms. Consider the room’s layout and viewing distance when choosing a TV size. A bigger screen can make the experience more immersive, but it should fit the room. You can use online calculators or recommendations to find the appropriate screen size for viewing distance. 


The amount of information in an image is shown by its resolution. Images with higher quality are more detailed. There are many ways to measure image resolution. 

In TV hardware, resolution is the number of pixels in the picture. Smart TVs have many resolutions. Some 32-inch smart TVs and older ones have a million pixels (720p). Newer, slightly larger TVs (49 inches and smaller) feature over 2 million pixels (1080p). Brand-new 4K Ultra HD TVs (50 inches and larger) have 8 million. The latest and largest TVs contain 33 million pixels (8K).

Consider the size, viewing distance, and content availability when purchasing a TV depending on the resolution. For the most detail, 8K TVs offer the finest resolution and clarity. 4K TVs are the standard for superior picture quality. For smaller TVs, choose 1080p Full HD and 4K UHD for larger ones. 


Choose LED, OLED, or QLED based on budget and preferences. OLED and QLED TVs provide better contrast and colour accuracy, but LED TVs are cheaper. 

Smart Features 

Select a Smart TV with a simple interface and compatibility with popular streaming services. Smart TVs give simple access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more. Check for voice control and Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility. 

Take the Smart TV platform into account. Google’s Android TV is a complete smart TV platform. It has a simple design and access to the Google Play Store’s many apps. Android TV integrates Google services and offers Google Assistant voice control. Google TV, an improved Android TV, is more personalised and content-focused. 

Amazon developed Fire OS for Fire TVs. Tizen is Samsung’s smart TV OS. WebOS is an operating system that was first made by Palm and is now used by LG’s smart TVs. 

Connectivity Options 

Make sure the TV has enough HDMI and USB ports for game consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, etc. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also needed for seamless online content access. 

Storage vs RAM

For smooth multitasking, RAM temporarily stores active data, while storage stores the TV’s firmware, programs, settings, and user data. RAM and storage are essential for a smooth Smart TV experience. RAM increases performance and reduces latency. Additional TV storage means more content/apps.

Refresh Rate, Motion Handling

For sports and action movies, a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher can improve motion handling. 

Other Considerations:

  • Audio Quality: Consider a TV with superior built-in speakers or a soundbar if your family values audio quality.
  • Brand and Review: Choose reliable TV brands with good customer service. Check expert and user reviews for real-world performance and experiences.
  • Family Taste: Consider all family members’ content, gaming needs, and feature preferences. 
  • Budget: Base your budget on your family’s requirements and preferences. Compare models within your budget to find the best deal. 
  • Warranty and Support: Be sure to check the warranty and manufacturer support terms in case of concerns. 

Why Buy Your LED TV From Us

Discover the magic of Shop Scanner’s smart LED TVs for sale your entertainment needs. Indulge in state-of-the-art technology and breathtaking images. The newest features and top-notch quality are available from our carefully chosen collection. Rest assured, your purchases will be securely processed and delivered quickly. Effortlessly enhance your watching pleasure. If you want to enhance your entertainment hub smartly, Shop Scanner is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consideration of price, quality, and energy efficiency must be given to the selection of a resolution. Full HD (1080p) is a great compromise between price and screen quality; it will appear great on most devices. Internet streaming requires nothing more.

QLEDs will have a higher price tag than regular LCD TVs. Whether you’re watching in a brightly lit room or not, a QLED will often provide a considerably brighter image than an OLED. 

The extremely efficient CPUs used by LG 4K TVs allow for lightning-fast channel and app switching. This greatly improves their usability for users of advanced age.

UL has certified that LG OLED panels do not produce any annoying glare, making them the pioneers in this field. Glare is a problem that happens when the brightness of a display is significantly higher than the ambient light.

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